What To Know When Moving During The Pandemic

What To Know When Moving During The Pandemic

From Nouman Ahmed

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New Normal In The Moving Industry: What To Know When Moving During The Pandemic 

Nowadays, the novel coronavirus, which is also known as COVID-19, has changed the way people live everyday. From wearing face masks to social distancing, travel restrictions, and home quarantine protocols, everything isn’t the same anymore. And just like for most people, the business sectors, particularly, the moving industry is also affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

However, it doesn’t mean that moving is no longer accessible during this health crisis. While some businesses have to shut down, the moving industry will be there to provide moving services to those who need them. But, in doing so, the moving companies, employees, and the customers need to embrace the so-called “new normal of moving”. 

Below are a few things to know when moving during the pandemic:

Sometimes, relocating to a new place is unavoidable. And while some moving companies are willing to help you with the process, it’s best if you do it yourself to protect yourself from the possible spread of the coronavirus. This means doing the packing and moving on your own or with the help of others within your quarantine area so you can minimize the transmission of the virus to you and your family. 

On the other hand, if there’s a way to postpone the move, then, don’t hesitate to do it until the health and social distancing protocols will be lifted by your government. Not only that but if you have a family member who belongs to a high-risk group such as those with pre-existing conditions and those over 60 years old, consider the option of postponing your move or look for alternative ways such as using your own vehicle for the relocation. 

Before, most moving service providers opt to visit your house to conduct surveys to provide you with a more accurate moving quote. But, with the COVID-19 around the world, the moving industry has modified the way they provide free estimates. They’re now offering online surveys in lieu of at-home surveys to help combat the spread of the virus. 

Therefore, if you’re moving to Manhattan or other parts of the world, always opt for virtual surveys of your home to safeguard yourself against the virus. Fortunately, most moving companies nowadays have a policy in place when it comes to providing moving estimates to their clients. 

Just like other businesses, moving companies have a set of practices for operating during this pandemic. Thus, if you want to ensure your safety when hiring professionals for your relocation, you better check your provider’s website to view their COVID-19 policy or just call them up to discuss these matters properly. 

Typically, if you’re relocating to Manhattan or other cities nearby, the experienced movers in Manhattan NYC are taking the pandemic seriously by putting in place protocols which are intended to shield their employees and customers like you from the infection brought about by the virus. 

The following are the safety and health protocols you can look forward to when moving:

  • Moving companies follow the federal and local guidelines about social distancing and sanitization of the premises. 

  • Moving companies provide online surveys to generate relocation estimates. 

  • Moving companies require their employees and customers to wear masks and gloves for protection. 

  • Moving companies provide frequent sanitization of their trucks and equipment. 

  • Moving companies require everyone involved in the relocation process to practice social distancing. 

  • Moving companies require that their trucks are loaded with hand sanitizers or disinfectants. 

Bottom Line

Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic is no joke at all. Therefore, if you’re moving to a new place during this tough time, you should be smart enough to follow your government’s safety protocols at all times. 

Fortunately, moving doesn’t need to be difficult during a pandemic if you know the things you need to do for your protection. More than your goal to relocate, you should always prioritize your health and safety to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection.

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