What is visual content marketing?

What is visual content marketing?

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Let us begin by knowing what visual content marketing is, and later dive into the benefits of visual content.

Visual content marketing is a great way in which we reach our customers today. It is a technique of building client relationships as well as advertising your business.

From research, it was suggested that in 2020, about 84% of marketing activities had visual content.  Visual content marketing involves the use of charts such as box and whisker plot, images, and videos to bring information to your audience. This is a great way of building connections with potential clients and allows your business to grow.

Let’s remind ourselves what content marketing is.

Content marketing is a message used by a marketer to educate potential customers and build connection and trust. Content marketing involves;



       Social media


       Video blogs(YouTube)

Visual content marketing is a great tool for data visualization. Any business that uses data visualization in visual content marketing creates chances of network building and customer attraction.

Visual content marketing is a way of promoting information, increasing customer-business relationship and improving understanding. It is important for you as a marketer to adapt data visualization techniques in visual content marketing.

As a marketer, data visualization (line chart, bar chart,sankey chart, gauge chart etc.) enables you to create relevant marketing strategies and help you make appropriate decisions. With data visualization in visual content marketing, you’re able to represent data, visualize it and easy interpretation.

In marketing, you need to know about brand storytelling and link your organization to your target clients. In this case, data visualization is a helpful tool in capturing a story for your brand. From a research conducted by Global Businesses, it was evident that 26% of businesses use data visualization (Source: visme.co)

Visual content marketing is beneficial in many ways. Let us look at some of them below.

Benefits of visual content marketing 

Increase brand awareness

Through visual content, you can create brand awareness and give your audience something they can connect with. This helps promote your business since brand awareness attracts more clients. Visual content marketing promotes business growth and customer engagement.

Helps differentiate your brand from your competitors’

There is fierce competition in today’s ecommerce industry. This can make it difficult for your audience to differentiate your brand from your competitors’. This is especially if you do not have a unique marketing strategy.

Using visual content marketing is a unique way for you to promote your brand. There are many ways in which you can market your brand by visual content such as images.

Visual content marketing gives your clients an effortless way to differentiate your content from the other brands. Data visualization in marketing makes your business stand out, become an attention grabber and more engaging. Visual content marketing enables brands to be easy-to-recognize and eye capturing which strengthens customers’ trust and confidence.

Visual content marketing increases social engagement

Since you’re using visuals in marketing, your business gets more exposure. For your brand content to capture clients’ attention, it needs to be relatable with your audience.

Proper brand marketing brings more people to your website and online business. This promotes social engagement since they find your business relatable. Clients are attracted by proper visual content marketing. It is therefore important for you to choose the proper visual content marketing tool. As stated earlier, data visualization allows great techniques for visual content marketing.

It communicates more information in an effective way

When information is passed on visually, it is possible to have more audience and impact them. This helps draw more audience to your website. Visual content marketing enables your audience to get a visual representation of your product. This helps build your business and hence promote brand awareness.

Clients are able to see the products and services presented in visuals before they decide to purchase. This gives them a clear picture of the product or service hence clear understanding.

From a research conducted, 70% of companies use visual content marketing. (Source:hubspot.com)

Visual content marketing increases credibility

Clients using social media are looking for credible and honest information. Credibility builds more trust towards a brand. This is because of the use of visual content marketing.

Your website will have increased traffic since your audience finds your website to be dependable and outstanding. The use of visuals makes a brand become more reliable and honest. This is because clients are able to see that your products and services are true and real.

Increased understanding

Visual content marketing increases understanding to clients. This is because the use of visuals simplifies compounded issues through structural designs. This hence allows your audience to see the big picture in your brand.

Recent studies have concluded that conception of information rises from 70% to 95% when visuals are included (Source: blog.squarelovin.com)

Your audience is able to get a clear understanding of your brand from the visuals you use. It is therefore important to be able to choose appropriate visuals for your marketing.


Visual content marketing is able to present clear information to the human brain. It is a great way in which people absorb and keep relevant messages. This allows your audience to absorb into the website as you have captured their eyes with visual content.

You should allow customer engagement in your business. In visual marketing, data visualization is a great tool for you to analyze your data. This helps in making data driven decision.

The use of visual content is very important because potential clients are attracted to your website. It is important as a marketer to adapt marketing strategies. Visual content such as diagrams, images and videos are important to pass a message to your audience.

In visual content marketing, data visualization enables the use of various techniques to reach your audience. Your worry on how to get to your audience is reduced and your work is made easier.

Go ahead and create a proper visual content for your business.

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