Ideal Age for Arranging a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Ideal Age for Arranging a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

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There is one infamous country for hair transplants. You are probably saying it in your head right now as you are reading. Yes, we are talking about Turkey. The nation has many experienced and innovative surgeons who are achieving outstanding patient results. This is all at a fraction of the cost of European countries and the United States.

Before you arrange your flights and hair transplant clinic in Turkey, you are likely to have a few questions. Namely, you are going to want to know whether you are the right candidate for this surgeon. Generally, if you are in good health and suffering from hair loss, you can be accepted for this procedure. You will need healthy hair follicles on your scalp.

Yet, you might be curious if you are the right age for a hair transplant. Is there an ideal age for this procedure? Here is a guide to give you some insight.

No Exact Age for Hair Transplants

There is not one certain age that you should get a hair transplant. The answer is going to vary depending on the person since hair loss can happen at any age. But, experts to recommend that there are better ages to have this surgery than others.

For example, if you are in your early 20s, you might start to see signs of male pattern baldness. But, it is unlikely that the hair loss you experience will be all you get. Instead, this is a condition that progresses over time. The reason that you do not want to have a hair transplant too young is the possibility of losing more hair. You could lose the results you have achieved from the surgery. This is going to be devastating and a waste of money. You would end up having to go back to Turkey to go through the procedure again. Realistically, this is not something anybody wants to do.

The youngest you may want to consider getting a hair transplant is in your 30s. It is likely that if you are going to suffer from male pattern baldness, it will be evident by this time in your life. While it is still possible to lose more hair later on, it is less likely than when you are in your 20s. Some men do choose to wait until they are in their 40s, 50s and beyond before they invest in this surgery. This is going to be your decision.

Other Factors are Important

Many people focus on the age aspect when it comes to hair transplants in Turkey. But, there are other more important factors you should consider.

You Have Hair Thinning or Baldness

First, you must have hair thinning on the scalp or baldness for this procedure. Indeed, this is a surgery to combat hair loss, which can be anywhere on the head. Commonly, people want to transform a receding hairline or balding at the crown. But, other areas can be corrected with this procedure too.

In addition, know that hair transplants are for men and women. Often, it is thought about men having this surgery. But, women can experience hair thinning and baldness for a range of reasons too. You can view a female hair transplant Turkey cost guide on Dr Yaman’s website. He treats men and women, correcting hair loss with innovative techniques

No Medical Conditions

A surgeon will look at your medical history in order to assess your candidacy. You have to be healthy and have no conflicting health conditions. After all, a hair transplant is a surgical procedure, which means that you have to be safe. You might not be under general anesthetic, but there can be unnecessary risks if you have certain medical conditions.

Always answer honestly when you are asked about your health. The surgeon wants to make sure that healing is going to be completed properly and that you are able to cope with the procedure.

Can Give Up Smoking

There has never been a better time to give up smoking. If you have been trying to kick the habit for a while, let a hair transplant be your motivation. This bad habit can interfere with the healing of the transplant. Thus, it is always recommended that you stop smoking if you want to achieve amazing results.

Consequently, you should try to give up smoking as early as possible. This should be in advance of your surgery. Giving yourself plenty of time means that you can cut them out gradually. This can be easier for you.


Willing to Follow Instructions


It is pivotal to understand that hair transplants depend on you. To rephrase this, you must follow the instructions of your surgeon if you want to achieve the best results. This can include resting, restricting exercise and carefully washing your hair. You have to be dedicated to the process if you want to transform your hairstyle.

Therefore, a good candidate will listen and follow their surgeon's instructions throughout the process. This is not always easy. But, it is worth it.

Consider the Hair Follicles

Another way to look at this topic is to say that you are never too old for a hair transplant. If you want to look younger and restore your confidence, you are going to be a good candidate. Of course, you will still need to have healthy hair follicles that can be extracted from the scalp. But, know that you are able to enjoy a youthful and full hairstyle again with this surgery.


Therefore, if you are older and have gone completely bald, this is the only big factor that will have a negative impact. It is unlikely that any hair follicles can be extracted from the scalp and used. There has to be enough to achieve results from a hair transplant. An expert surgeon is going to be able to advise you on whether this procedure is feasible or not. An examination will provide you with the information you need.

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