What is the difference between Asap Market and other markets

What is the difference between Asap Market and other markets

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One of the main activities on the darknet is the sale of goods and services. There are many markets within the darknet that specialize in various types of goods. You can find almost everything here. The principle of operation of all trading platforms is almost the same, so users have to choose the market to their liking.

What is the difference between Asap Market?

The Asap Market is considered one of the largest on the darknet. A large number of sellers and products from each category. The trading platform itself has become almost the first in the entire darknet. Many users have been using this market for years to buy the necessary goods. On the trading platform, you can buy almost everything you need.

One of the advantages of the trading platform is that it is available in several languages. As a rule, markets on the darknet work only in English. This is not always convenient, since users come from all over the world. On the same trading platform, users can choose:

  • English;

  • French;

  • Italian;

  • Spanish;

  • German;

  • Dutch.

In addition, the platform makes it possible to conduct transactions using a SegWit wallet. In some situations, this method is much more profitable. But first of all, it is not the transaction costs that should be assessed, but the specific situation.


  • The presence of a fraud detector. This advantage attracts a large number of users to the platform. There is an algorithm in the system which helps to calculate whether the transaction between the seller and the buyer proceeds correctly. If one of the participants tries to make an incorrect transaction, then he can no longer leave messages.

  • The presence of an algorithm that determines fake reviews. The system independently checks all customer reviews. If the system detects a fake review, then it just succeeds. This principle of operation helps motivate participants to play a fair game.

  • Loyalty program. There is a closed market program on the market, but it is available only to those who spend money on the trading platform. The system creates individual offers for all customers.

  • Advanced security system. Despite the fact that many people think that the darknet is a dark and scary place, there are rules that help protect the client. The darknet wants users to be able to use the Internet freely and not break the rules. There is two-phase authentication on the market, as well as the ability to restore an account.

  • A bonus system for sellers. If sellers are active in the market, and also make efforts to develop the trading platform, the system generously rewards them. Such sellers give only 2% commission on all orders.

Asap Market is a platform that was able to hold out on the darknet the longest. Such an achievement was achieved thanks to favorable conditions for the seller and the buyer. In addition, the marketplace is a safe place with a reliable verification system. Users can trust the market, so they are not afraid to make purchases and discuss them with other buyers.

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