What is the best type of sex doll?

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The venture of creating a perfect artificial companion, to make it look real, as real as possible has been perfected in modern sex dolls/love dolls. What makes it possible mostly is the material that is used in the manufacturing. Two of the most popular materials that are used by manufactures globally are TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers) and Silicone, Silicone being the more well-known and TPE being fairly recent entrant. Most people seeking to buy a sex doll on the internet find themselves in a fix about what choice to make, if they should go for a TPE doll or a Silicone doll and quite clearly, both have their own advantages and disadvantages:

TPE sex dolls comparatively are cheaper than silicone dolls, also the texture of TPE is much softer, so the doll feels more real upon touching. A TPE doll’s breasts and buttocks will wobble, to give you an enticing sight while you plan to engage in a sexual encounter with your doll. TPE is more elastic in comparison to Silicone which makes it more flexible to try different sexual positions. Also, TPE has an excellent compatibility with both water based and silicone based lubricants.

With all these brilliant advantages that a TPE doll has, what a TPE doll will lack is that the material is porous, which means that it is more prone to damages, reducing the life span of your doll when compared to a silicone doll. It retains humidity, so you have to be extremely careful about keeping the doll dry at all times to avoid mold in long term. Also TPE dolls are sensitive to heat, they will lose consistency around temperature more than 40 degree C.

Understanding briefly about the pros & cons of TPE, lets look at what silicone has to offer. Silicone is a polymer. It is typically heat resistant and rubber like, so has a wide range of application and unlike TPE, it has high resistance to heat. The biggest advantage that silicone dolls carry over TPE dolls are that they are longer lasting and comparatively needs less care and maintenance, to put it in other words, they are simply less prone to damages. Silicone is non-porous which makes it less vulnerable to damages, with basic care and maintenance the doll will last for a longer period of time in comparison to a TPE doll.

Depending on your preference of what you want from your doll, silicone sex dolls being the more durable ones they have some clear disadvantages in comparison to their competitors. Silicone dolls are more expensive comparatively, simple because they are more durable. They lack flexibility, unlike a TPE doll, your silicone doll will wobble less, not feel as soft, probably not support bending and flexing sexual positions.

So ideally pitching both TPE & Silicone dolls against each other, it only makes sense that you choose to buy what works for you, depending on what you want from your sex doll. For instance, for someone seeking to have a doll for a lasting emotional connection, should definitely opt for a silicone doll as it is more durable and will stay around for a longer period. Likewise, for someone who is looking for intense sexual pleasure, as close as real should opt for a TPE dolls, reason being that they are softer and more realistic.     

To conclude the blog, I would like you to ask yourself few questions that will help you determine which doll you should choose to buy from Mailovedoll.      

-Do you want to use her only for sex? -Do you want to take hot baths with your doll? -Do you want to dress her up in nice clothes? -What is most important to you, touch or looks? -How much time would you like to spend with your doll in matters of maintenance? -How much money are you willing to spend?

These will be your perfect guide to make the right choice. For a perfect sex/love doll connect with Mailovedoll, we have a wide range of dolls to select from. 

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