What is telemedicine

What is telemedicine

From Yury Antonau

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Telemedicine is a tool that enables us to connect to health care; moreover, it’s a tool for everyone. While patients may not be physically around to consult with doctors, Telemedicine lets people care over digital means.

With the service, patients and doctors can have a telemedicine visit simply using a smartphone or a tablet, which is being used almost every day by everyone. During adverse conditions like a pandemic, it’s sophisticated to do a Telemedicine visit.

There are patients who develop the disease, causing difficulty in walking, breathing, and speaking, making it ultimately difficult for them to visit the hospital once in a while. The innovative tool, Telemedicine, ensures the presence of a doctor even if he/she’s not physically present. Sometimes it’s a huge energy saving for patients suffering from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

We have been hearing lots of whistles recently about Telemedicine service, but it started way back in the 1950s. During the time, medical specialists and patients were looking for remote communication via Telephone or radio. Fortunately, a medical center in Pennsylvania was able to transmit a radiologic picture that includes prescriptions and medical reports over a patient’s cellphone. Since then, the Telemedicine concept has been an increasingly important medical service. Do you want to develop your own Telemedicine app? Read first this article.

The idea of Telemedicine is still short for new health care staff and physicians giving slow adaptation to the technology, which has seldom been used in health care before. However, the new generation entirely dependent on technology in recent times has developed a lot of interest in the service. The unwillingly growing Telemedicine service is both cost and time-saving.

It’s convenient to have services like Telemedicine for basic medical checkups and prescriptions. The traditional clinics have more time to deal with patients who need to be in-person; Telemedicine isn’t ever going to fully replace the conventional health care service. Nonetheless, with more demand on the system and doctors staffing in the country continuing to be outpaced, we are going to need to find innovative ways to meet our health care representatives in the future. Moreover, recently experienced pandemic conditions have really struggled supply of doctors meet the growing demand of patients pushing a step forward in digital medical trend.

In contrast, the following listed are the benefits Telemedicine provides.

Telemedicine for Patient:

      Travel expense and time is saved.

      Fewer restrictions on elderly and senior citizen health responsibility


      Totally safe against contagious patients in clinic and hospitals

      Increased availability of patient and medical staff conversation

Telemedicine for providers:

      Rise in revenue

      Improved on-duty efficiency

      Excellent patient follow-through

      Decrease the effect of medical staff being outpaced

      Relatively less missed appointments

Over the course, the medical system has changed a lot. Now, Telemedicine not only connects the patient with physicians, but it also connects physician to physician, a specialist to Patient Care Evaluation (PCE), which is really helpful for population health. Moreover, Telemedicine has unlimited potential. Even if providers come with innovative ideas and technology, it will be right there, enabling its service. 

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