What is supply chain visibility?

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The importance of the SCV has been promoted by many experts on many occasions. And you have probably realized the importance of  end to end supply chain visibility in your business.

For those who don’t know the concept and principle of supply chain visibility, you have come to the right page.

In this article, we are going to share with you the definition of supply chain visibility and its relevancy to your business growth and improvements.

What is supply chain visibility?

The SCV (supply chain visibility) is the ability to track and trace the tangible product movement and orders from the production place to the final destination. It is not only the location that is tracked; the company must also be able to track the condition of the products and the quality of the shipment.

The traceability in the SCV should revolve around the logistics tasks, transportation, and milestones, as well as the specific events that happen before and during the transit.

The main goal of supply chain visibility is to improve supply chain quality by revealing real-time information that can be accessed by all of the supply chain participants, including customers.

There are many software companies that offer supply chain visibility solutions for companies that want to improve their supply chains. In this case, Agistix is one of the most prominent providers in the market.It offers the integration of supply chain visibility tools or systems, which can activate various supply chain divisions in the company to attain real-time and accurate information. Although different industries require true SCV quality, the precise information should revolve around the orders, stocks, and deliveries of the supply chain's incoming and outgoing networks.

The things you might have noticed in the SCV

The high level of supply chain visibility can provide smooth workflows for the industry that adopts the right SCV tools and solutions. With the unveiled information in real time, businesses can respond promptly and formulate strategies to troubleshoot some problems in supply chain activities. Some businesses are failing because they were too late to respond to the bottlenecks on the supply side and expected the changing patterns of consumer demands.

Depending on the type of business you have, there might be some concerns regarding the visibility of your supply chain. The following are some examples of SCV concerns:

The package is in a different location.

A package is missing.

Transportation problems (running out of gas, flat tires, accidents, etc.)

Supply problems (late production, missing raw materials, etc.)

Low transparency in transactions

And so on...

There are a lot of slits where problems can occur in the supply chain. And you will want to be exposed to that information so that you can handle the problems before it is too late to realize them.

Features of true supply chain visibility include

Before you pick your partner to help you with supply chain visibility, you will first want to know the real features of true supply chain visibility. If your software company can offer you most of these features, you could pick them as the top candidate to work with you.

Instant access to vital information

Many businesses fail to deliver great service because they don’t have instant access to vital information. Information delivery in real time is very important so that the business can respond promptly when a problem occurs, preventing a delay in the shipment and maintaining customer satisfaction.

End-to-end process efficiency

Although the supply chain can be complex, it does not have to hinder the end-to-end business process. You will expect to reap the benefits of an efficient business process wherein the results are satisfactory.

Visibility of rooms for improvement

"Blind spots" often challenge many businesses from striving and surviving. Failing to find the blind spots could ruin the business in the future. As you find the rooms for improvement earlier, you will be able to manage the risks and come up with new strategies to improve your business process.

Real-time visibility into customer demands

Customers are willing to pay a price for quality products they will receive. Therefore, they will want to get trustworthy and accurate updates about their orders. Good supply chain visibility can also improve the customer experience in your business processes.

The best handling and decisions

With this trusted information in hand, you won’t struggle to find the best solutions for your business. You will have more clarity to help you make the right decisions for you and your company.

Reduce your operating and labor costs.

With lower to zero risks of revision, you can exponentially decrease the material and labor costs. Not to mention, you don’t have to redo the orders so that you can save more money for operational tasks and production.

Better inventory management

Supply chain visibility gives you accurate data on your inventory. In the long run, your company will have much better stock management. Therefore, it will be ready to expect the next waves of orders from your customers.

Be prepared for the global competition challenge.

Nowadays, more and more organizations can operate globally. The competition has been challenging since a lot of companies have driven the price down. In this case, your business needs to get creative by reducing the costs and improving the quality. But more importantly, outsourcing the process could bring benefits to your business process itself.

The customers demand high-quality products. And they want to have them on a timely basis.

The supply chain involves stacks of technology, trustworthy partners, and logistic providers. Then there is the complicated paperwork. Visibility is the real deal. It will allow the stakeholders to make the right decisions.

Since the SCV exposes us to flaws and inefficiencies, it can help us to find the right solutions.

In these difficult times, you will be grateful to supply chain visibility because it reveals problems that can be addressed sooner, allowing you to make an informed decision to reduce the risks of failure in your business.

Reach out to Agistix now in order to get the right partner for the SCV.

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