What is it, how does it work, and who uses Discord?

What is it, how does it work, and who uses Discord?

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Discord is a social messaging network that has become popular among young people, here we explain how it works and what its main attraction is. A few months ago, Bloomberg News reported that Microsoft would submit a bid for $ 10 billion to acquire Discord, a messaging application created by Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy in 2015. Microsoft's big decision indicates that this social messaging network is not an ordinary network. Of course, the network should be aligned with other networks that are already popular, such as Twitter. One thing is for sure, Discord's soaring reputation cannot be separated from the fact that its active users have crossed 100 million people.

Discord has more than 140 million active users per month, having a substantial increase in the last year due to the popularity that streamers and content creators have given it. Every day, new Discord accounts are formed, indicating that this social messaging network trend is still on a positive path.

What is Discord?

Discord describes itself as a place to talk, it was thought by and for gamers offering them a place to chat, but the platform has evolved over time and perfecting the tools it offers. The application has a version for computer and mobile devices and you can use all the tools that the platform has, which we detail below:

- Text channels.

- Channels for audio calls.

- Video calling channels. The channels allow you to make video calls with up to 10 participants without a time limit and at no cost.

- Servers. Users can create a server, which could be compared to a Facebook group. Let's exemplify it:

A user creates a server of people who are interested in American baseball. When designing the server, different channels are created, for example: a text channel to talk about team A and another to talk about team B, in addition to creating a text channel for the fans of each team, where they could talk about current events, without bothering others.

The same concept can be extended to audio and video channels, they are tools that allow greater interaction between communities related to certain topics. The importance of Discord is recognized by platforms such as You Tube and Twitch, which have allowed content creators on their platforms to link the memberships or subscriptions of their users to offer an extra benefit to their audiences.

Who uses Discord?

This platform is mainly used by video game players, why? In recent years, playing on computers has become popular and many games do not have a voice channel enabled to talk with those who are playing online with you.

This tool allows a group of friends who play on different platforms (PlayStation, Xbox or computer) to chat while playing with each other, allowing them to have a global experience of fun during the game. This is the most basic use Discord has. Many audiovisual content creators use this tool to give their community a place to live together, but they also benefit from it, notifying them when they are broadcasting live or have uploaded a video to YouTube.

Discord is a revolution in how a community can communicate “within special boundaries” without disturbing each other. Some social media experts have predicted that for at least the next five years, Discord will still be a favorite channel for content creators and gamers communities to communicate with each other. It seems that the prediction is likely to happen because from day to day there is a significant increase in users.

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