What Is GPS Jammer?

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GPS jammers are indispensable devices for everyone who wants to prevent the disclosure of information about your location. GPS jammer is an appliance, which neutralizes the signal from the nearest satellites, which are responsible for the determination of the geolocation. In simple terms, the appliance assures the blocking of the GPS signal. That is why such signal jammers are often called GPS blockers.    

The principle of work of GPS jammers is similar to the functioning mechanism of cell phone jammer and Wi-Fi blocker. By the way, different models of blockers could be found in the online jammer store. Wide choice of offered devices including:

  • Phone jammers

  • GPS blockers

  • Wi-Fi jammers 

  • Network jammers 

Convenient service and reasonable prices are guaranteed. 

Types of GPS Jammers 

There are two main types of GPS blockers:

  • Stationary jammer 

  • Mobile jammer 

Of course, when it comes to convenience, it is reasonable to choose a mobile device. More often the size and weight of portable jammers allow moving and installing them with ease.

However, you need to take into account that the power of a portable appliance is not high. If there is a necessity to block a GPS signal in a large area or jam a complicated protected signal, it is better to choose stationary devices. 

How Do GPS Jammers Protect Your Privacy  

Signal satellites are used to transfer coordinates of a particular range:

  • for GPS it is 1575.42 MHz

  • for GLONASS - 1602 MHz

GPS jamming device catches these transfer lines and generates interference at these frequencies. So, the information about your location is not deleted from the ether. However, the ether is filled with “empty” signals, which makes it difficult not to lose the information about particular coordinates.

Therefore, the more such “empty” signals are sent by the device, the more powerful and quality it is. So, the choice of the appliance should depend on the individual needs.  

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