What is content marketing. The Advantages and Disadvantages

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Content marketing is one of those specific promotion methods that everyone knows about, but when it comes to practice, there are more questions than answers. This article is devoted to the very concept of content marketing and will help you understand whether it is right for you or not, and, accordingly, whether you should seek help from smoothbusinessgrowth.com

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a brand or product promotion strategy that relies on generating useful content that engages the target audience. The cross-cutting idea of ​​this methodology is that the sale of a product is not carried out using direct calls to action and advertising, but "from afar": first, the brand image is formed, and customers appear by themselves. At the same time, the decision to purchase is based primarily on trust in the company and confidence in its expertise, and the advantages of the product and even trade offers are fading into the background.

Benefits of content marketing

We have already written that a brand is a person, and a person makes an impression. Publishing quality content will allow you to lay a solid foundation for your own brand, which will have a unique character and zest. Smart content marketing allows a company to be heard and become a household name in its niche.

People will look for you because they trust you. Trust is an extremely important factor in the diversity of companies on the market. Dozens of companies talk about traditions, the best employees, and high quality. But all these are just words for a potential client; for him, it is new and does not sound convincing until he uses the services himself.

Content marketing provides a unique opportunity to gain collaboration experience. Without spending a penny, the potential client is already forming an impression of you based on the fact that you helped him get out of a difficult situation, gave good advice, or simply entertained with your video or useful article. When he buys something from you for the first time, he does it with the feeling that you have already collaborated before.

Having established a good content strategy, your resource will be steadily visited by an increasing number of people. As you go to the same store or visit the same YouTube channel, people will consistently come back to you for quality content. Over time, this will turn them not only into visitors but also into loyal customers.

Quality content in itself will encourage other sources to link to you. The link mass will be overgrown with relevant and free links, which will improve the quality of search results. Your audience will be "lively" and interested, and the number of organic search results will increase in comparison with "artificial" optimization and purchased links from brokers. But remember that writing and uploading SEO copy is not content marketing. It is a technical tool that solves other problems.

If you have your own staff of specialists, content marketing is a cheaper way of promotion in comparison with alternative methods. In addition, the cost of clicking a link is noticeably lower for this particular strategy. This trend can be seen most clearly in the expensive market segments. They are characterized by high cost per click and complexity of sales due to the complexity of the service. Content marketing will kill two birds with one stone - reduce Cost per Click (CPC) and also introduce the client to the product.

Disadvantages of content marketing

Nothing is perfect in the world, and marketing is often logically asymmetrical. Promotion with the help of content is a specific dish that is not appropriate at every table. Remember that content marketing sometimes solves problems and sometimes creates problems.

The implementation of content strategies creates the need to hire qualified professionals. Despite popular belief, marketers are often people with an analytical mindset, while content marketing requires creativity and understanding of the psychology of the person for whom the content is created.

In the first case, knowledge, skills and experience are important, while in the second, there is always a chance to be eaten for one mistake, even with many years of experience behind him.

You need a team of narrowly focused specialists who are difficult to select due to rather vague requirements, uniform evaluation criteria and a small number of high-quality personnel on the market in principle. In addition, their services are quite expensive, and small and medium-sized businesses can not always afford it.

This method is focused on promotion “on a grand scale”: expensive unique content, serious specialists, large sales volumes and far-reaching plans. Due to this, content marketing is not suitable for some types of companies.

Where does content marketing work and where does it not?

What do you need to know to choose the store where you will buy food for the New Year's feast? Probably just where the nearest market or supermarket is. What do you need to find out before starting to apply for, for example, a Schengen visa? The list here will be obviously longer.


Content marketing works great in consulting sales, when you need to better acquaint the client with the product, and, in some cases, remove the fear of the service or the fear of wasting money.

In other words, when you can serve a client anywhere in the world. It’s suitable for services provided on the Internet, companies with serious delivery capabilities and, in general, everything that is not physically limited. Opportunities also contribute to this - we talked about the fact that content creation is difficult and expensive, but for companies of this type, it can increase the client base an unlimited number of times. As a consequence, even a digital agency with 20 people in the state can effectively use content marketing since this will expand the client geography from the size of the country to the hemisphere. Although according to the article https://boss.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/12/18/today-in-small-business-the-best-content-marketing-blogs/?searchResultPosition=5&mtrref=www.nytimes.com&gwh = D4DD24E34BEFC9A66F5BFE864CA00766 & gwt = pay & assetType = PAYWALL, small businesses now actively use blogs for their marketing.

Borders on consulting sales. If you have come up with a concept that is not yet known to the world, then content is a direct way to convince the client that your new solutions are better than the old ones. This also includes elite and expensive goods, where you need to convey the benefits of your company, product and the fact that your product is worth its money.

No one knows better than you if content marketing is right for you or not. We hope that after this article, you will make a final decision for yourself. Only one thing is known for sure - you will always find useful and interesting materials for yourself, regardless of what promotion strategy you follow.


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