What is Alcohol Delivery and How Does it Work?

What is Alcohol Delivery and How Does it Work?

From Lara White

For the past few years, countries like Australia and USA have witnessed rapid growth in alcohol deliveries online. It happens because many people now use their mobile phones to buy wines, beer, and other liquors.

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Most alcohol retailers have already responded to this growth by improving their capacity to offer their drinks online. They also provided straight delivery services to their customer’s doorsteps. These retailers took advantage of the great opportunity that the internet gave them. 

Alcohol Delivery Online is Dominating the Market 

Alcohol deliveries online dominate the market by small and large supermarket chains. Several independent retailers are part of this domination.

Here are some of the popular groups and retailers:

  • BWS
  • Dan Murphy’s
  • Vintage Cellars
  • First Choice
  • Boozebud
  • Naked Wines
  • Tipple
  • Metcash
  • Thirsty Camel and more

Other businesses offer food deliveries, besides alcohol deliveries. 

3 Primary Delivery Service Models

1. Same-day delivery

With this option, the customer can expect the orders on the same day. The delivery man usually reaches the house within a few hours or earlier. 

2. Rapid or instant delivery 

With this rapid delivery service, the customer receives the order within half an hour or less. This option is part of the advertisement of the company. 

3. Next-day delivery 

Next-day delivery means the customer will receive the alcohol the following day after placing the order. Sometimes, the delivery comes later than 48 hours or so. 

Service Provider Must Have a Legitimate License 

Alcohol Delivery Near Me” is what people often search for on the internet when looking for alcohol online. But remember to check if the service provider has a valid license. You want to determine if they follow the implemented rules in delivering alcohol. 

Important guidelines to follow:

  • Check the compliance with local authorities
  • Must have proper signage and rules
  • Must adhere to alcohol sales and consumption laws 

Selling alcoholic drinks through online deliveries requires businesses to obtain their license. The local council usually requires a personal and a premises license before they can operate. Bars, nightclubs, and restaurants are aware of this procedure.

Alcohol Deliveries Only for Legal Age:

The license approved by the authority states that the delivery service follows a certain age. The customer must also be of legal age, which most countries strictly implement. 

The age limit to purchase alcohol is detailed in the rules. The purpose of this rule is to prevent minors from buying alcoholic products.

Alcohol and Food Delivery Menu :

Some restaurants that offer delivery services for alcoholic beverages include food in their delivery menu. Whether the customer will request delivery or pick up the orders, these food places created a paired menu.

A paired menu is an effective way to attract more customers. Because of this, many fine dining establishments offer an extensive pair menu. Such an idea has accompanied their alcohol deliveries, which works well in the long run. 

If you place an order, it is easier to choose from the available combinations. 

Have Your Drink Delivered!

Delivery services have been consistently booming for the past years. Online deliveries of alcohol will continue to flourish in different parts of the world. There are also mobile apps for alcohol delivery, which makes the transaction more convenient. 

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