What is a Resume, and how many types are there?

What is a Resume, and how many types are there?

From Mathew Philip

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In the modern workplace, resumes play a critical role, as resume allows us to screen out to an interview. Modern employers invite the resume of job seekers and based on that they screen out or filter the candidates. Resume is simply a document which lists our skill and previous job experiences, which are relevant for the job. Often resume is confused with a CV (Curriculum Vitae); CV is a long document which states our whole education background and job experience. A resume is the most essential document for a job seeker, as employer's primary step is to filter candidates according to the resume.

Resume building can be a difficult and time-consuming process. There are two elements in a resume first is your information and second is the format of the resume. Formats and design of the resume are changing every day, so if you are making resume on your own, you would spending a lot of time and resources. Tools like https://resumebuild.com/  have ready to made templates; you can use those design to make a resume. As we said that designs are changing every day, resume builder have templates which are new and modern. 

There are many types of resume which a resume builder can make; let's discuss different types of resume you can make from the resume builder tool: -

·         Chronological Resume: - This format is the most commonly used format of resume. In this format the resume lists our work history in chronological order, this means the most recent job comes at top and ends with the earliest job you had. Format like this provides us a quick outlook on our work history and allows us to track our growth. You should use this format when you have a solid job experience with no intervals.


·         Functional Resume: - Format like this is very different than the design mentioned above as this format focuses on skill and experience rather than accurate work history. In this format, employment history is not the top priority; it is listed as one of your skills. You should use the format if you have lapses in the work track or if you are recently graduated from college and looking for a job.


·         Combination Resume: - This resume format combines both skills and experience with a chronological order of work in history. Format like this is the most detailed resume; it is flexible in nature. Managers and employers can get the whole scenario of work history and skill by looking over the document. This resume is used when you want to give full detail analysis of your work history and skills. 

Conclusive Words

Resume is the most important document for recruiters and job seekers. A good resume allows us to pass through the screen and pass us on to the next step; mostly next step is the interview. You can make a resume through the resume builder websites and apps; these tools allow us to use ready to use templates so you can make a resume in no time. If you use these tools, you can make any type of resume you want.      

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