What is a Cloud Architect and How Can You Become One

What is a Cloud Architect and How Can You Become One

From Lamia Jonas

A new term in the cloud that you must have heard these days is the “cloud architect”. If you have also heard about it wondering about it then you are in the right place.

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A new term in the cloud that you must have heard these days is the “cloud architect”. If you have also heard about it wondering about it then you are at the right place, we will tell you what a cloud architect does and we will tell you the skills and certifications required to become one. On a bonus, the note will tell you about the kind of jobs you can expect if you head forward in this field.

What is a Cloud Architect?

In cloud computing, there are few components and those components have subcomponents further required for cloud computing. These components and sub-components are referred to the cloud computing architecture. Components mostly acquire the front end platform, back end platforms, a cloud-based delivery, and a network. 

A project needs architecture and design that guides it for the final product and this architecture and design is converted from the technical requirements by a Cloud Architect, this is the responsibility of a Cloud Architect. Cloud Architects maps and fills the gaps. It provides solutions for big business problems. The Cloud Architects also work closely with other technology teams including DevOps engineers and developers to make sure that the right technology is being built.

Primary Skills Required:-

It's quite obvious that if you are going in this field then you already have a strong background in cloud computing or in similar technical areas but if it’s not that, we will recommend you to study or work on these areas before getting into the role of Cloud Architect. The following are some of the concepts which you can look for and match up with your list.

  • Security - in cloud architect field security is important and one must have a high-end level of understanding in the key security concepts. Some basic knowledge of security concepts such as firewalls is necessary, to begin with.

  • Networking - One must have some familiarity with the concepts like TCP/IP, IP addresses, HTTP, and DNS.

  • Operating System - you should have good knowledge of at least one operating system whether it is Linux, Unix, Solaris, Ubuntu, or Windows. Mostly the Linux operating system is the priority of many.

  • Programming Language - This is not a required skill but if you have initial knowledge of the programming language or scripting language then it is beneficial for you to understand things more easily.


There are few Cloud certificate programs that help you in becoming a certified Cloud Architecture as well as they provide you an enormous opportunity in this field.

Once you have completed this certification, then you have a lot of new job opportunities for you. Many big companies required the help of AWS, Azure, and Google’s Cloud Platforms’ certified solutions Architects to get certification in this field. it is impossible to achieve something for them without cloud architects. The AWS certification is good at delivering flexibility, scalability, and reliability. Some of the big companies which can be targeted with AWS are General Electric, IBM, Splunk, and Weather Company, even you can find yourself working with medical companies. Azure certification targets companies like Adobe, Apple iCloud, eBay, Travelocity, Xerox, The NFL, NBC, and Samsung. And with Google’s platform, you can expect companies like Target, PayPal, 20th Century Fox, Twitter, and Google's own Cloud Platform. 

Cloud Architects have a key role in the technology field and are highly demanded and therefore the possibilities are endless. 

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