What Headlight Bulbs Do I Need for a 2016 Mazda 6?

What Headlight Bulbs Do I Need for a 2016 Mazda 6?

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You're naturally proud of your Mazda 6, a modern vehicle with luxury style and agile handling. Keeping it in top condition is a priority, and that includes every component and system. Proper lighting is the linchpin of safe driving — which is why your choice of 2016 Mazda 6 headlight bulb is vital. Keep reading to discover some excellent headlight bulb options that improve visibility in low-lighting conditions, plus where you can find them.

In-Store or Curbside Pick Up Available

Sylvania's line of headlight bulbs includes two models that significantly enhance on-road visibility: The XtraVision and the SilverStar Ultra. Both incorporate two important Sylvania innovations. A durable filament improves light projection, beam strength and clarity. Meanwhile, the brand's proprietary gas mixture improves dependability and bulb life. 

The XtraVision and the SilverStar Ultra are available at most aftermarket auto parts and accessories retailers. With convenient shopping and shipping options, there's no reason to go on the road with a burn-out headlight. Sylvania's bulbs are sold in pairs: You naturally want to replace both bulbs simultaneously to ensure you aren't sidelined when your other bulb dies. Your preferred auto parts dealer can supply you with these bulbs through shipping, in-store pickup or curbside pickup options. 

High & Low Beam Technology

Sylvania's XtraVision and SilverStar Ultra bulbs deliver clear, reliable illumination using the same technologies. Let's look at a couple of benefits that matter quite a bit when you're driving around in the dark.

When we talk about lighting temperature, we aren't discussing how hot a bulb gets. Color temperature refers to how we perceive the color of a light beam. Remember that the color we see results from the light wavelengths it reflects: An object that looks yellow is reflecting yellow wavelengths, while one that looks bluer is reflecting blue wavelengths. Yellow light is considered warmer, but cooler light is bluer. 

You may have noticed that headlights have shifted to cooler white beams. That's because they more closely resemble cool daylight, which enhances visibility better because of its crisper quality. Crisper lighting can better reveal details: lettering on road signs, the shape of a fallen tree limb or the telltale tawny fur and antlers of a deer crossing the freeway. Both the XtraVision and the SilverStar Ultra broadcast cool white light, perfect for nighttime driving. 

Reaction time is critical when you need to suddenly maneuver around or stop before an obstacle. Visibility impacts reaction time: The sooner you see a potential hazard, the sooner you can avoid it. Sylvania's XtraVision and SilverStar Ultra put out light beams with more downroad illumination than its basic bulbs or compatible products from other brands. The SilverStar Ultra especially excels at this feature, incorporating a patented tri-band blue coating to project cool daylight-quality illumination at a greater distance. 

Improving Nighttime Visibility

Sylvania's headlight bulbs enhance visibility in low lighting. Not only does this improve driving safety, but it can also boost your confidence while you're behind the wheel. Since these bulbs fit multiple makes and models of vehicles, they're also ideal as 2016 Kia Sedona headlight bulb replacements. As always, check your vehicle's specs

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