What happens when you buy Instagram followers

What happens when you buy Instagram followers

From Syed Kashif Ali

If you have a business or brand that you want to grow, you must have researched quite a lot about the strategies that would help promote your brand.

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If you have a business or brand that you want to grow, you must have researched quite a lot about the strategies that would help promote your brand. It is quite evident that you must have come across how you can buy Instagram followers. In a recent survey that came out in 2020, the

active user base of Instagram was 1 billion according to a monthly analysis, while the daily usage touched 500 million. About 120 million Instagram users live or are based in the United States. Since Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, it is quite apparent that organizations, celebrities, politicians, influencers, public figures, literally every famous person on the ground are trying to increase the number of followers on their accounts. Their motive is they are trying to gain a competitive edge in their niche. For example, many famous names, Miley Cyrus and Ellen DeGeneres have bought at least 50% of their total follower count. Since everyone is almost buying followers, it seems like a viable shortcut to growing our accounts. In the article below, we would delve more into the consequences of buying followers, why people buy followers, and other related topics.

Why and how to buy Instagram followers

More and more people are joining Instagram every day and starting their brands and businesses. Thus, it results in a surge of competition between the organizations or brands in every niche. The only thing people consider the most important now is getting noticed on social media, especially Instagram. Of course, a well-known fact is that good content is the key to get seen. But with such content also comes the desire for more followers and, thus, more reach. Whether you are an influencer or an upcoming music band, getting more likes and more followers can change the game in your favor. These figures impact the users who come across your brand or even your general audience.

What effect does this have?

In recent times, Instagram has seen many fake profiles surfacing. You must be wondering what exactly is a fake profile, in case you are new. Generally, fake profiles have bots that imitate and make it seem like they are real accounts. They could even be inactive accounts, which increase the follower count and are just insignificant placeholders. Most brands seeking out endorsements and sponsorships look for the number of followers and accounts' reach while making a decision.

Thus, influencers and businesses have begun to look for ways to boost their follower count and find plenty of opportunities and investment deals to earn them more profit.

How to buy IG followers

The first and foremost thing you should do if you decide to buy Instagram followers is hiring a good service or supplier. There are many sketchy websites or services that you would find while searching for a legitimate and reputable supplier who sells real and active Instagram followers. Alarming services are swarming the industry with dubious logic, hopeless security, and copy-editing. Many benefits promise to give real followers, but after a week or two, after you have sealed the deal, you will still your follower retention reach dropping as well as starting to notice a decrease in your engagement or natural space. Though there are, of course, hopeless services out in this industry, there are quite a few legitimate ones too who provide you precisely for what you pay. Some of these services are Growthoid, GrowSilo, Social Empire, ViralLyft, etc. 

Should you buy IG followers anyway?

After investing in a deal to buy Instagram likes and followers, you will notice certain things after the delivery. As promised, you will see a definite surge in your follower count, and it will seem like your phone is blowing off with notifications. But after a few hours or weeks, you will start to notice that the followers begin to decrease. Many services promise you a reasonable retention rate of followers, which essentially means that most of them won't unfollow after followers' delivery.

They promise you genuine followers who will engage with your content. But, as already mentioned above, some services are just sketchy. You will see they don't have a proper money-back guarantee for lack of services and other ridiculous policies. Hence, you should always research every service properly, check customer reviews and even contact them manually to discuss terms and conditions. Thus, it is quite risky to buy Instagram followers if you don't need them. You should focus on making your content more engaging and invest in other growth services such as ads.

Why you shouldn't buy Instagram followers

Till now, you must have gotten a decent idea about why you probably should invest in buying followers. But here are four more reasons which would remove any ambiguity on this topic from your mind.

1. No proper engagement: Fake followers are the ones who either have bots or just inactive accounts. These accounts will not engage with any of your posts or content as the users are not even real. You could have a follower count of ten thousand but still see no more than a hundred likes on your posts. Thus, buying followers doesn't boost your natural reach.

2. Fake followers are just that, fake- If you have a reasonably new account ad your business has started recently, too, people will get quite suspicious if you have a massive follower count. They would deduce that you have fake followers. It would be best if you decided on which is more important to you- dignity or a ridiculous follower list half-filled with fake accounts.

3. Brands could blacklist you- Instagram users, specifically, big brands have audit tools that can detect the fake followers in anyone's accounts almost instantly. Thus, if you are trying to survive as a brand, you should be careful never to have fake followers. You would want to come up with more and more engaging content in your niche rather than having fake accounts follow you and getting blacklisted by more prominent brands.

4. Your account could get suspended- Instagram has updated many of its policies since it noticed a surge of fake accounts. Social media platforms are supposed to make us feel connected and fake accounts never help to do so. Instagram generally removes or suspends any such Instagram accounts. Buying followers also violates the terms and conditions of Instagram service, so you could always be at a massive risk of getting your account suspended.

Now, you must be wondering how to get that competitive edge you want without buying followers. The best thing to do is to start looking for an Instagram pod to join as it is one of the better ways to start growing your follower count and reach and engagement on this platform, which would give you long-term benefits. Most influencers or brands who took the hard way to succeed and grow their accounts would suggest that you share passionate things. You could make these into pictures and videos and start posting. The vital thing that you should know is your target audience. You will need to know what they are looking for in your content, and you should strive to deliver that. Various social media management tools could help you with understanding what your audience wants. You can use these tools to schedule and review each post on social media and then engage your audience, measure the results, etc. Instagram continually brings out new features, and you should use them to the best of your ability. You should try marketing with ads rather than buying followers as that would increase your reach quite well. It is thus quite apparent that you will pay a considerable amount for numbers when you buy Instagram views and followers. What you want as a brand is an engagement, which is only possible with good content. It is a challenging route yet, a foolproof one.

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