What does Esperio Broker offer investors

What does Esperio Broker offer investors

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Before you start trading, you should select the optimal trading conditions. Brokers have different variants; the trader chooses the most suitable one for himself. The wider the choice is, the more convenient it is for customers; everyone finds the personal best solution.  Esperio Broker offers four different types of accounts, each with its specific audience and features. Let's look at each account and describe typical situations for choosing a particular type.

Esperio Standard

It is the easiest and most affordable trading account with Esperio Forex. It is perfect for people just starting their journey in the market. We note the main features:

  • Leverage up to 1:1000. This is the type of account with the highest rate.
  • Commissions are up to 0.010% for major instruments and 0.3% for cryptocurrencies.
  • It is possible to trade both in MT4 and MT5.

It is the most common account, which is perfect for getting to know a broker. Standard accounts allow you to operate with both small and large deposits. Small minimum order size and a step make it possible to implement any grid strategies.

Esperio Cent

An account type created to work with very small orders, compared to regular accounts in Esperio Broker, the size is reduced by 100 times. Distinctive features of the account:

  • The unit of deposit in such an account is a cent. It applies to both dollars and Euros, but in the second case, it will be EURC, Euro cent.
  • Leverage up to 1:1000.
  • Commissions for major instruments up to 0.013%, for cryptocurrencies 0.4%.

As we can notice, the fees for the Esperio Forex cent account are higher than for the standard one. At the same time, the threshold for entering the market is significantly reduced; you may work with a few dollars. Usually, cent accounts are used to familiarize yourself with trading conditions or test some strategy.

Esperio Invest

A trading account was created for investors. It differs because clients are not offered leverage; trading is carried out exclusively with their funds. It limits the income potential, but, at the same time, minimizes the risks. Many Esperio Forex reviews note the high interest of investors in this account; the main reason is the huge number of stock sector trading instruments, which are presented in a familiar and well-studied platform. Simply put, investors prefer to work with stocks in Metatrader instead of registering with ordinary stock brokers with their inconvenient software.

Esperio Forex: MT5 ECN

For those who trade actively and pay attention to costs, MT5 ECN is the most suitable. It is a classic ECN account, characterized by fast execution of trading orders and fairly low prices. We note the main features:

  • Work is carried out in the MT5 terminal.
  • Standard working lot – 100,000 base currency units.
  • The volume step is 0.01 lots.
  • Expanded list of order types.

Experienced clients of Esperio Broker often choose this type of account. A large deposit and active trading entail high costs, and traders tend to reduce them. Instant order execution and a large selection of trading instruments make MT5 ECN a great choice.

Summary Esperio Broker reviews

Each account, as mentioned earlier, has its characteristics. The trader must initially decide how he plans to trade and what strategies to use. Let's note the key factors denoting which it is easy to make a choice:

  • Deposit amount. Usually, the larger the deposit, the more loyal the account terms.
  • Estimated trading strategy. Investors rarely make transactions, and the number of instruments is essential. Active speculators, on the contrary, make big trades with small price changes. They need minimal costs and, at the same time, the total number of trading instruments is not so important.
  • Trading leverage, stop-out level. It matters in active trading with large volumes of orders relative to the deposit.

The combination of these factors determines which type of account should be chosen. Esperio Forex offers a good selection; different types allow you to reach a wide audience. Traders with significant capital often register several accounts at once, each used for its intended purpose. Esperio Broker reviews confirm this; MT5 ECN and Invest are the most popular.

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