What Can You Use Swarovski Crystals On?

What Can You Use Swarovski Crystals On?

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The Swarovski brand is one of the most popular crystal brands, known commonly for their man-made crystals, which are precision-cut, stunningly beautiful and of very high quality. These crystals have been used as decorative materials in jewellery, home decor, and figurines for centuries.

Today, the useful range of Swarovski crystals has widened to include many more products, including fashion accessories, clothes, shoes, jewellery and many more. It is safe to say that you cannot go wrong with these crystals.

So, if you have some or are looking to get some, this article covers some of the creative ways you can use Swarovski crystals.

What to Use Swarovski Crystals On

Swarovski crystals can be used to decorate a wide range of items today. However, when purchasing these crystals for your creative works, ensure that you purchase from a reputable company to prevent getting fakes with lesser quality.

A good tip is to purchase your high-quality Swarovski crystal beads wholesale from Bluestreak Crystals, the world’s leading supplier of high-quality lead-free crystals. Here are a few items that our collection of Swarovski crystals can be used on:

When adorning luxurious clothing, Swarovski crystals are one of your best bets. The Swarovski brand has introduced Swarovski sew-on crystals to make things even better. Sew-on crystals come with tiny holes that allow them to be sewn onto items, unlike traditional crystals that require heating or glue to be attached, therefore making the process a whole lot easier

These crystals are perfect for cloth embellishment and embroidery works and can be used on a wide range of clothes, including jeans, lingerie, t-shirts, wedding dresses, dresses, and suits, among others.

Swarovski crystals come with a sparkle and clarity that makes them great for jewellery designs. With a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, these crystals offer you the freedom to be as creative as you want when it comes to styling your jewellery.

Asides from using them to make new jewellery projects from scratch, you can also add them to existing jewellery projects, such as earrings, bangles, necklaces, wristwatches, neck chains and tiaras.

Whether it's for Halloween, a street festival or the costume party coming up in a few days, spicing up your costume with Swarovski crystals is one way to ensure you get multiple appreciative glances.

Yes, it's been done before, and it can be done again. At the 2016 Tokyo Auto Show, a Mercedes Benz SL600 was covered from top to bottom with 300,000 dazzling bright diamond-shaped Swarovski crystals and placed on display. What are you waiting for if you’d like to replicate this luxury and extravagance using the Swarovski crystals of your choosing?

If you've been paying attention, then by now, it shouldn't surprise you that Swarovski crystals can be used to transform that simple gift item into something much more grand and beautiful for your loved ones.

Before sending them out, use these crystals to decorate your greeting cards, gift bags, boxes, silk flowers, and other gift items.

If you’re a pet owner, you can rest assured that your pets are not left out in this splendour. Feel free to add a touch of class to your pet leashes, collars and harness by decorating them with Swarovski crystals.

Tools Needed to Attach Swarovski Crystals

When decorating the materials listed above with Swarovski crystals, you need certain work tools to make your work easier, faster and neater. 

Adhesives help you attach your crystals to whatever surface you want to decorate. 

As a safety precaution, ensure you only use adhesives in open and well-ventilated areas because of their fumes and smell.

Swarovski crystals could be quite difficult to pick, implying that you may need to use a picking tool while working. This tool could be a simple one, such as a tweezer or something more ideal, like a jewel picker.  

When using sew-on crystals, then you’ve got to make use of a needle and thread. The best kind of thread to use with sew-on crystals are synthetic multifilament threads, as they have a higher abrasion resistance than cotton or monofilament threads.


Swarovski crystals have a wide range of uses as we have outlined above. They are also very easy to use and quite affordable. If you’d like to purchase some for use on your clothing items, jewellery and/or other items, you can visit the Bluestreak Crystals website and shop to your satisfaction. 

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