What Are The Top Ways Of Solo Masturbation For Man To Get Un

What Are The Top Ways Of Solo Masturbation For Man To Get Un

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There are plenty of misconceptions and myths related to self-pleasure and mainly with male masturbation. However, all those stories against masturbation are false because it is beneficial for maintaining good health. Performing regular exercise does indeed help the mind and the body to work optimally. Daily workouts release quality hormones that will trigger positive sensations and feelings.

Fortunately, the same condition applied to the solo play with your manhood. Yes, you heard it right; masturbation is safe to get better sleep, relax, and release some libido tension. Moreover, it can also help you discover your sexual likes and dislikes and make you more creative at performing sexual activities to get more pleasure out of it. However, the traditional way of touching yourself may get boring; so, here is a list of different top techniques that will help you explore some more solo horizons. 

·         The Majestic Treatment 

This is not a technique; instead, it is an approach to treat your manhood with the comfort it deserves. Though you do not have to be a fast or quick bee; rather, you need to prepare for it and make sure that you spent quality time with yourself, that is "me time." So, to prepare your mood, you will need to do the following:

·         Play your favorite porn and turn off the lights so that your focus is more on the porn

·         Slowly tease yourself and apply lube.

·         You need to stay relaxed and go slow.

You can use the chat masterbation to get more pleasure by seeing others masturbate with you. 

·         Mix Some Things Up 

It is just like sex; when you are repeating the same thing repeatedly, even performing the most pleasure can get somewhat boring. That being said, you do not have to stick with a single choreography each time; rather, you need to switch some things up. You can consider masturbating while sitting down, standing up, pushing your hips forwards, or you can lean against the wall. However, when you use a different position while you masturbate, it will help you discover other sensations like experiencing from chat masterbation

·         Do Not Rush!!

Many men tend to take less time in masturbating and end up with it relatively fast. However, If you are among those, then experiment and try different toys, strokes, hands, positions, or anything that comes to your mind. However, you will need to explore your body's likes and dislikes and find what gives you more pleasure. Moreover, you will know about your sexual preference, leading to incredible orgasms and satisfactory sex life. 

·         Change Your Hands From Time To Time

It is the first and foremost thing when you are finding the best way to jerk off from online searches. It is being said if you use your non-dominant hand for solo masturbation play. It will help you to discover your new kind of sensation. However, if you are ready to try it, you can use the stranger technique to give you the feeling of someone else pleasing you. 

Thus, the above mentioned are the top tips for pleasurable masturbation and help you discover new sexual sensations. 

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