What are the Latest Trends in Diamond Jewelry?

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What are the Latest Trends in Diamond Jewelry?

From Minaimran Aliseo

Above isthe list of some of the trending jewelry nowadays. Make sure you understand the merits of each one before deciding to buy after reading the Beverly Diamonds BBB reviews.

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There are several new trends in diamond industry that are gaining popularity among masses. Some of them are very creative modifications of existing designs while others are new. Read on to learn more about these innovative ideas for jewelry that you may not have read while going through Beverly Diamonds BBB reviews.


Featuring in red carpet events, runway programs, dresses, and several tops, chains are becoming very popular these days. You can think different and opt for something different that stands out amidst the crowd. For instance, you may want to try a chain with a black top and sparkly white metal shoulder straps. These contrast the rigidity of the chains which are more conventional and delicate in nature. Further, a string made of pearls and in black, white or other shades can make a beautiful contrast. In case you like to get the chain straps to stay by themselves, you can try a metal hoop earring or pearl drop earring. Use them in a different color to add more contrast to the design.

Earring Directions

Two major earring types are trending this year. This includes threaders and climbers. Climbers progress up the ear while threaders lie loose beside the ears. Both have specific shapes.

Threaders are mostly slim and soft. These earrings have equal importance placed for both components of the earring and may include simple chains with a sturdy metal arch loosely hanging from it. Some of them may have geometric patterns on one or both sides. A few carry diamonds or gemstones hanging from one of the ends.

Climbers, on the other hand, stay within the pierced hole and take the design up the curve of the ears. You can choose from earrings with geometric details or with diamonds and gemstones.

Adjustable Bracelets

You can choose bracelets of varying shapes and designs nowadays. They are known by different names in different parts of the world. Sometimes they have a specific circular shape similar to a bangle while you have the choice to adjust its diameter. This lets you tighten it after you wear it appropriately. A lariat or boro is usually composed of a tiny chain with a slipping clasp. The other end stays loose. Bolos and lariats are characterized by a bar and may hold charms or beads. Adjustable bracelets are best suited for people with large hands and slim wrists. In case they can fit a bangle, it stays loose and uncomfortable over their wrists. They can avoid this problem with a bracelet. Bracelets can also be stacked with other models.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is making a return to the mainstream jewelry this year. Many celebrities have already showcased beautiful yellow gold jewelry in various events across the world. Several of these were necklace layers composed of yellow gold. It blends well with many outfits and makes the person look attractive. It represents your creative personality with any chosen outfit.

Oval Diamonds

Oval diamonds are fast gaining popularity in the world of jewelry. These have been in demand for the last few years and continue to be among the most popular type of jewelry. Note that princess cut diamonds held the position for the most popular diamond ring trend across several years. However, recently, it was overtaken by oval-shaped diamond jewelry.

Celestial Jewelry

Celestial jewelry is also set to be among the top trends of the year. This can be implemented on most kinds of jewelry. Besides, they are among the most popular kind of necklaces.

Above isthe list of some of the trending jewelry nowadays. Make sure you understand the merits of each one before deciding to buy after reading the Beverly Diamonds BBB reviews.

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