What are the Interesting facts regarding Turkish tea?

What are the Interesting facts regarding Turkish tea?

From Jeba Moin

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Turkey lies at the intersection of the east and the west. The Bosphorus Strait bisects Istanbul, the former capital of the County. Those who journey the length and breadth of the country will see the influences of eastern and western cultures over the millennia. Among the fascinating examples of the mixed eastern and western legacy is the passion for tea. The ways that Turks manufacture and have tea shows more than the special place of this beverage in the country. It also reveals customs associated with Tea in Europe and Asia. Below are some instances that make the County’s association with tea is different from and like other countries.

Looking back on Tea in Turkey 

While Turkey is renowned for its thick and sweet coffee, more and more people are having tea.

The present status of tea in the country is the result of some events that happened during the 20th century. After the fall of the Ottoman Empire following World War I, Turkey lost its control over vital coffee-making in the southeast. Thus, coffee became much too costly to drink on the bulk scale as before.

Turkey opted for tea and thus began the country’s romance with tea. The passion has grown over time.

Some facts on Tea manufacture in Turkey

A surprising fact is that Turkey manufactures some 6% to 10% of the tea produced worldwide. Turkey ranks among the leading five tea-manufacturing countries worldwide. An even more surprising fact is that over 50% of the tea produced is drunk within Turkey. This number makes Turkey amongst the highest per capita consumers of tea worldwide.

A greater part of the country's tea leaves grows along the Black Sea coastline. The tea-growing region extends eastward from Rize down the coastline until the border with Georgia. The mild climate, fertile soil, and high rainfall of Rize produce a tangy black tea.

How is tea prepared in Turkey?

The usual method of preparing Turkish tea is somewhat unusual. Tea is usually made in a çaydanlık. People steep the loose tea in the upper teapot and boil water in the lower pot. Thus, tea of varying strengths can be served. Those who like stronger tea can have a dark brew, emptied straight from the top pot. People who wish for a subtler flavor can dilute the tea by adding hot water present in the bottom pot.

How is tea had in Turkey?

People usually have the Turkish Black Tea from petite, tulip-shaped glasses. There is no guaranteed origin of this shape. However,the reason for the material glass seems to be that drinkers can appreciate the crimson color of the tea.

Turks usually don't add milk to their tea. However, they add sugar. Sugar is served as sugar cubes. It is also put between the tongue and the cheek and get dissolves as tea is sipped. A thing that is served frequently with Turkish tea is lemon. Having tea together is symbolic of friendship.

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