What Are Some Cheap Flight Ticket Sites

What Are Some Cheap Flight Ticket Sites

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Cheap flight ticket search sites and engines are some of the most useful sites in the world that travelers know and often do research to find the most suitable flight. These sites are a great blessing for those who love to travel because flights make up a large part of travel expenses. Although, if you are flying from our country to overseas destinations, tickets are expensive, the websites to buy plane tickets help us a lot in finding suitable flights and flight tickets in Iran .Finding cheap flight tickets is not easy, but with good and solid research, anyone can overcome this problem. We as FlyToday.ir have listed the cheap ticket sites for you below that can be helpful to buy ticket in Iran and everywhere in the world. We also recommend you read the best travel applications and online hotel reservation sites articles for other applications that will make your travels and life easier. Flight ticket search engines help us in many ways, which will make our travel easier. For example, if our holiday plan is flexible, they show us the date of the cheapest ticket directly. So we don't need to check the dates one by one. However, we know that there are a ton of airline companies in the world. Of course, it is impossible to know all of them. But these sites show us the ones that may offer cheap flight tickets from companies whose names we do not know. Flight ticket search sites make a convenience to us in many ways such as answering the question of how to find cheap airline tickets. Anyway, let's come to the list of the best flight ticket search engines…

FlyToday is one of the cheapest flight ticket search engines. In addition to comparing the flights of different airlines, it is possible to find cheap tickets with suitable campaigns. It is useful to follow FlyToday, one of the best sites to buy cheap tickets in Iran. You can unconditionally cancel any flight ticket you buy, at the latest 2 hours before the flight. If your plan has changed, you can at least get a large refund of your money.

If you buy a plane ticket using this site once and you have to ask customer service about something, they responded quickly by e-mail. That's why everyone recommends it as a site where you can shop with confidence.

One of the best features of FlyToday is that it offers assurance for ticket cancellations.

That is, you can unconditionally cancel your ticket up to 3 hours before your flight and get a great amount of your money back. This feature is very useful especially after experiencing return problems due to instant changes after the pandemic period. When you find cheap flight tickets, even if your plan is not clear yet, you do not miss out on affordable prices by purchasing this assurance.


Expedia is one of the sites where you can find cheap tickets for your international trips. If you have flexible travel dates, you can compare dates close to the date you want to travel when you search. Thus, if there is a more affordable option close to the date you plan, you can see it and get a cheap flight ticket.

After choosing your flight, you can clearly see what is included in the price you have chosen on Expedia. In this way, you do not encounter unexpected price increases or extra payments before payment. If you are not satisfied with the features included in the price you choose, you can also choose the prices that offer these features.

You can also meet your travel needs such as hotels, cruises and car rentals on Expedia, which has gained the trust of travel lovers thanks to its transparency about flight ticket prices.

Tips to Find Chip Flight Tickets

We have poured what we have learned all during our career as the FlyToday, into this article, in order to find cheap tickets. We recommend that you make a note of this article. In particular, you will find the tips in the 4th item, gold value, very, very useful!

1. The earlier, the cheaper the flight ticket

How many times have we witnessed that this is not so… So the price of the plane ticket we wanted to buy dropped as the journey approached. This is probably because the reservations do not return to the ticket and that ticket class goes on sale again or the airline lowers the price to fill the plane up.

Don't get surprised if you see the plane ticket you bought two months in advance for a cheaper price one week ago.

In summary, it is very difficult to say anything general about this issue. But you can do things like this: You can at least make a reservation in advance and check the price from time to time without buying the ticket. Don't miss your reservation deadline!

In general, 27 weeks before the flight date is the best time to buy a ticket. You could get a great amount of profit. However, you should consider factors like the season you choose to take your trip. For example, February is the cheapest month to go from Turkey to Germany and the USA. Those trips that fly to Spain in January make a good profit compared to August. Those who travel to Thailand and England in May can save good cash compared to August, which is the peak season.

2. Benefit from the blessings of flight ticket search engines

Do not decide on your ticket by looking at a single search engine! Sites such as Kiwi, Momondo, FlyToday, Expedia, Orbits, Turna, etc. will list prices from many airlines and other airline ticket-selling sites; they may list all different from each other. It's worth looking at separately. For example, we found our Peru ticket from FlyTodayir.com. Other sites were not showing this ticket.

You can see the monthly price chart of the destination you are going to, day by day on a website like FlyToday. Thus, the days when you can find the cheapest tickets are listed in front of you. Let's use FlyToday because it provides a more flexible search and offers the most profitable price range ever.

If you have features that you like in search engines, please share them in the comments.

3. Exit and destination

The starting point of your journey is very, very important. To give an example from the Peru-Lima ticket, our ticket was from Amsterdam. Since we could find cheap Amsterdam tickets from Turkey, we bought the Istanbul-Amsterdam ticket and the Amsterdam-Lima ticket, separately. Interestingly, with the same airline based in London (British Airways), the cheapest departure city from Lima was Amsterdam. The next transfers from Amsterdam were to London and Sao Paulo. When you look at the same ticket from London, although there are fewer flights, the price is higher. In other words, more transfers can mean cheaper tickets.

To give a second example, we came across a cheaper Antalya-New York ticket than an Istanbul-New York ticket. In summary, you can start your trip not from the city you are in, but from another city that you can reach in an economical way.

4. Gold Tips

Clear your cookies and cache when searching for tickets! Once you search for a ticket on a site, on your second visit, that site knows that you are intended to choose there. If you look at the same flight several times from the same browser, the next time it may actually give you more prices, even if the flight price does not increase.

You can delete cookies from your browser's settings. To also set your browser to "unrecognizable" mode when searching for tickets:

For Chrome and Safari: Command (Control on PC)+Shift+N

For Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer: Command (Control on PC)+Shift+P

The second trick is to make them think you are calling from another country. Buying the same ticket from different countries may cause price differences. You can use VPN to show yourself in a different country, you can choose another country in the airline's country selection, and you can proceed with English in the language section.

For example, I did a search: Now that we are in Lima, I looked at the flight tickets from May 1 to 10, Lima – NY. In the first search, I chose New York as Sales City. The cheapest flight was COPA Airline with 828 USD.

In the second search, I chose Lima as the Sales City. The same flight took off. It showed in Peruvian currency as I said I was in Lima. There is a difference of 43 dollars between the two tariffs.

All you have to do is to buy the ticket from the airline company's website as if I was at the cheapest point of sale (Sales City). I mean, buying a ticket from COPA Airline as if I was in NY.

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