What are online clock in systems and how do they work?

What are online clock in systems and how do they work?

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Just a few extra hours in the working day can increase profitability at work. However, how many times have you heard: "If only I had more time". The solution to the problem is technology that will help you manage your work time better. If you want to improve the overall productivity of the company or to maintain the current situation, choosing the right time tracking software is of crucial importance. So, let's find out more about him.

 It's a simple clock in online tool, with which you can discover your most valuable clients, projects, time utilization rate for each employee, billable and non-billable hours and other essential benefits. It's also an invoicing assistant that quickly displays your time data with a few keystrokes. So, if you want a tool for intuitively recording your workflow and calculating billable hours, time utilization rates, and other activities, consider software.

Features of online time clock software

Time clock software is very flexible thanks to a large number of functions. This means you'll track employee total hours, but also use custom pay rates and automated payroll systems. In addition, you have access to the clock in online, clock out function. All you and the employee need is a network to sign up and then a reminder about the time tables. After that you have the opportunity to schedule meetings, book staff and use other interactive options. For example, create calendars, lists or hybrid work arrangements. Simplify staff management by allowing tracking at approved locations. GPS tracking data will serve the transportation companies. Another great feature is managing absences like sick, annual or business leave is much simpler.

The Benefits of Using a Clocking In App

The biggest advantage is the ability to clock in online and clock out from anywhere. All an employee needs is a phone and internet. In previous years, this feature has become vital for many companies. Why is she so important? Even while using similar apps, there is room for mistakes. For example, if someone forgets to enter or exit. However, if you choose software with GPD integration, this will not happen. The geo-fence reminds employees every time to do their work. Also expect low setup costs and significant money savings in other fields. You won't need to buy expensive hardware. Don't forget to check what devices your employees are using to find alternatives if they need them.

Types of clocking in systems

This system has been around for many years, but it has changed a lot. That's why we can single out several different designs. For example, there are basic time clocks. It can be paper and pencil or cards. Self-calculating machine is a step further, but also an outdated tool. You will still often see biometrics in companies, namely fingerprints or facial recognition. Software attendance systems are more prevalent, because they are integrated with HR and payroll. Finally, we have time clock apps, which are similar to software, but are installed on employees' phones.


Today, with the wide variety of tools such as clock in online on the market, choosing the right software can be problematic. For this reason, you should take the time to find the perfect time tracking tool. Once you know how it works, you'll know how to assess whether it fits your business's needs.

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