Welcome to the new crypto world

Welcome to the new crypto world

2/28/2022, 10:00AM
472 south lancaster st, Jonestown PA 17038

From David Kus

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David Kus

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472 south lancaster st, Jonestown PA 17038

Date & Time

Monday, February 28 2022

10:00 AM

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1. What is a blockchain? Super detailed, read self-taught!2. Cryptocurrency Prequel: from David JOM to Nakamoto3. What is decentralization? How does bitcoin achieve decentralization? (very detailed)4. How bitcoin transfers -- five technical details of bitcoin blockchain5. Distributed ledger and decentralized network6. Utxo: unused transaction output, one of the core concepts of bitcoin7. Data structure of bitcoin blockchain8. Workload proof consensus mechanism9. What does mining mean? What did the miners do?10. What are the applications of blockchain? What changes will blockchain bring?11. Blockchain will become the basic internet protocol, similar to TCP / IP and HTTP12. What is Ethereum? Why is it the representative of blockchain 2.013. Who is God v? He is the founder of Ethereum and a real big man in the blockchain industry14. What is a smart contract?15. What is Ethereum smart contract?16. V God said that Ethereum's token system17. Machines need pass more than people18. What is the erc20 pass standard?19. The Dao crowdfunding event and Ethereum bifurcation20. How to design the pass? How are assets represented?21. Classification of pass (list of various classifications)22. Technology and components of Ethereum smart contract23. Erc721 standard and encryption cat24. Ethereum account (external account and contract account)25. Four characteristics of blockchain26. What does blockchain 3.0 look like?27. What is EOS? What is the difference between EOS and bitcoin and Ethereum?28. Consensus mechanism of EOS and block generation29. Daniel laremo (BM): the main developer of EOS30. One picture to understand what EOS is31. Blockchain "Impossible Triangle"32. What is the blockchain application (decentralized application)?33. How to recover the EOS key after it is stolen?