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This wedding is one of love, not of glamor, but things still cost money! Cash gifts are certainly not required, and your love and affection are gifts in themselves, but for any insistent givers we are asking for cash gifts. 

We have poured a huge amount of savings into plane tickets, immigration funding, and so much more just to be together. All of this has come to form the strongest, most honest, and loving relationship we have ever experienced. We haven't chosen the easiest path, but we chose what our hearts wanted more than anything. 

We're asking for cash gifts due to the amount of money that is required to even be together. We don't need pots and pans or a brand new knife set, because ultimately our priority is being together. We are already so very blessed, and at the end of the day we have more love than we ever thought possible. 

This website required a fundraising goal, but that amount is not what we are asking for. We are happy with anything you're willing to provide, including well wishes. 

Much love to you,

Mr. and Mrs. Elmsly

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