We want new educational didactics for Bolivia today!

We want new educational didactics for Bolivia today!

From Joyce A Sofge

We are Profes out of the box, a collective of educators, cultural managers, and socio-cultural animators from Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

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We created the project Profes out of the box to share with teachers the infinite learning possibilities that the city offers, the cultural production is high and the school population in their learning and reflection process is a key sector to forge freer citizens, with their own criteria, loyal to themselves and their dreams.

The project became a didactic book-manual, in which Claudia Vaca, Daniela Bolívar, Pablo Carbone, and Valentina Bacherer spun their experience and talents, to turn the book into a useful, dynamic, and motivating material for other teachers, librarians, managers, artists of Latin America who want to articulate the formal education space with cultural centers, galleries, squares, and the city in its maximum expression as a place of learning. The next step is to create a web page, a platform that will unite Bolivian teachers with teachers from different parts of the world, to share their experiences and develop new educational didactics, to form freer and more conscious citizens.

It is surprising for many, but in the XXI century, 60% of the Bolivian population does not understand what they read and has difficulties to sustain their learning and education process throughout their lives. It is urgent to generate opportunities beyond the school and the educational system so that the inhabitants of Bolivia have access to spaces for personal and professional development, connected to the world. The Profes out of the box could be the answer to this reality, from the participatory and collaborative web, between teachers in Bolivia and the world, we can improve and transform the educational reality of Bolivia.

We want to change this! Citizens with continuing education and teachers with permanent updating have the opportunity to transform their conditions by developing citizenship skills for the 21st century, both teachers and students, families, and Bolivian society, in general, will be able to make an educational leap if you join the Profes pedagogy out of the box. 

Citizens without education have no other options than to live the life that someone chooses for them. Continuing education is a basic and vital right.

Profes Fuera de la Caja is an educational and cultural project of articulation between the school and society as a whole. The website that we will create will give courses, conferences, and workshops; it will also motivate teachers to participate with their blog in the web profesfueradelacaja.org to systematize their own trajectory and teaching experience. 

The website will serve for Bolivian teachers to generate networks with other teachers in the world, to enable the exchange of experiences and pedagogical, didactic, technological tools for the citizen of the XXI century.


We have developed design and materials for the virtual page, we have gathered professionals, willing to share their experiences and conduct courses and workshops for teachers around the world on a voluntary basis. 

The imprint of Profes out of the box is to get out of the mental box, break paradigms; get out of the classroom, out of the school to the city, recover the meaning of education. To remind us all that being educated is more than being schooled, THE TEACHER is the engine of conscience in the history of a society. The teachers of Bolivia have much to give to Bolivians and the world, they only need your collaboration, from the corner of the world where you are, you can make your contribution.


The funds will cover the purchase and design of the virtual space, technological tools to develop activities and the work of a professional who will constantly support the operation of the website.

The opening of the site is projected for July 1st.

Participate with Profes out of the box in this educational transformation for Bolivia!

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