We Need A Christmas Miracle

We Need A Christmas Miracle

From Jerrett Cadwell

My mom is\has been in the ICU recovering from a severe case of Epiglottitis. Me and her have slipped through the cracks for unemployment and are both uninsured. I can't bare to see her so helpless. We're drowning here.

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To the kind souls reading this,

I would first like to say thank you to anyone who is reading this right now, and taking the time to read about our troubles. 2020 has been an extremely trying year for so many people, and it's nice to remember all the good that's still out there. I will try to be thorough with explaining why I am asking for this help.

My mother is the primary reason for me setting up this fundraiser. She is 60 years old, and while me and her haven't always gotten along, we always take care of each other, however we can. When I would get really sick she would do little things to comfort me, and vice versa. But this time, she got sick and helping her was beyond my own capabilities. She needed a doctor, badly.

On Dec. 10th, 2020 at approximately 8:30 am, I received a call from my mother, Tracy. She sounded weak and in lots of pain. She simply asked if I could come let her 3 dogs out, since she was so sore and couldn't manage it herself. Less than a year ago, she needed a full knee replacement surgery, and it hasn't nearly made a full recovery since. Her knee, mixed with how sick she was feeling, made it feel impossible for her to get herself up off the couch she fell asleep on, and do much of anything. So I drove over and let the dogs out.

When I got there, she looked miserable. I immediately took the dogs outside and came back in and started checking over her symptoms. Her voice was all but gone, and she was barely able to reply to my questions. But she managed to tell me her throat was extremely sore and swollen. I promptly took her temperature, to check for fever and see if she was symptomatic for Covid. Not even 3 seconds after I put the thermometer under her tongue, it's reading went from 99 f to 102 f. I didn't wait for the thermometer to beep, signaling it's completion. I said, "we're going to the hospital." She tried to fight me on this, but was weak and I wasn't having it. I put on her shoes, got her purse and stuff and we left.

The hospital we went to that morning was a new one that just began practice this year. This hospital replaced two hospitals in our area, BOTH of which had terrible reputations and no doubt an endless pile of lawsuits for malpractice and other un-flattering issues. And let me tell you, this hospital has not done much to make it's local residents feel that there has been a change for the good. They admitted my mom and all they did was giver her a pill for her nausea, and administered 3 rapid (covid) tests, all came back negative. 2 HOURS, and they released her, only giving her a nausea pill, and somehow getting her fever down.

I took her home, like she asked. She was tired, sore and wanted to be home in bed, cuddling with her dogs. When we got home, I made her hot tea, and left a bottle of water by her side. I told her to get some rest and I'd be back to check on her. I came back 4 hours later. She hadn't drank but a sip of her tea and water, but her temperature was staying normal. I reheated her tea and told her to please try to drink some before I left for the night.

Next morning, I go check on her and still barely any tea or water is gone. She says she can't barely swallow anything at all and wants to go back to the hospital. We went to a different, better hospital this time, in Sylvania, Ohio. I checked her into the hospital and went and waited in the car to hear from her or the doctors. An hour or so goes by before she texts me to tell me she's being transferred to the ICU.

My heart dropped. I was legitimately scared for her at this point. And for the sake of brevity, I'll speed the story up a bit here.

After being told that my mother was going to need intubation and antibiotics, I called my family and informed them of the problem and prepared to have my nephew come watch over my mother's dogs and house, as it would be days before she could come back home. The doctors\my sister informed me that she had a Severe Throat Infection called Epiglottitis, but were unsure what caused it. They were fairly certain it was not Covid, at all, but nonetheless, still serious.

Today is the 17th and she is still in the hospital, recovering from this. She was successfully extubated, and is now awake and able to text, albeit the texts we've received have been pretty loopy from the medications and sedatives. As I'm typing this, I just received a text from her joking that we need to "rob a bank". She's always maintained a sense of humor, however dry it may be sometimes. But I don't find it funny that while she is still in bed recovering from something that could have killed her, gone untreated; she's filled with fear and anxiety over all of the bills that are stacking up, and the new medical bills to come.

My mother is like no woman I've ever known. She has overcome so much in her own life, all in the name of raising her kids right and helping others take the reigns back on their own lives. My mother, Tracy Salazar, is a substance abuse counselor (LLPC, CADC) who has given back so much more than she has ever taken. She is a proudly recovered addict/alcoholic for 20+ years, and has spent the last 15+ years, devoting her own time, money and emotional energy to professionally helping people that struggled just like her, get back on track in life. She's called me, crying when she's learned that a client has passed\OD'd. Tracy Lynn Salazar, my mother, IS the personification of the statements, "Be the person you needed, when you were younger" and "Be the change that you want to see in this world".  And I could never be more proud to be her Son.

All of this money would go towards keeping the bills paid up and towards getting my mom moved into her late mother's home, which has more accessibility and space for her and for me to take care of her. We (my mom, my fiance and I) just recently got approved for a loan for the house, which needs some work before we are able to move into it.

We've both been very depressed and at a loss for what to do for ourselves, since the beginning of the pandemic. This hospital visit and our lack of any financial assistance could very well put us in a position to lose our vehicles, our homes and our sense of hope. 

Please consider helping, reaching out to us. We aren't perfect people, but after everything my mother has done to help so many people overcome their own demons, to rise above their faults and be better, she deserves a break and a helping hand. It's her turn to be saved, and I'll try anything I must to make it happen.

From my family to yours,

Thank you, and stay safe

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