Path to Single Payer - Without the Price Tag

Path to Single Payer - Without the Price Tag


Let's create a People's Discount Buying Club & negotiate for lower drug prices as a group that represents the 99%. We can qualify for deeper discounts than large private insurers & share the savings with you - FOR FREE!

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Do not despair - Relief is near!

There is a Spiritual Solution to every problem, so fit solution exists that will solve multiple problems at once, for people with conflicting interests but shared unmet needs. The right solution will prove that health reform does not have to be painful, costly or slow to deliver desired results.  

We invite the 99% to form a "People's Discount Buying Club" to prove that the Buying Power of the People is Stronger than the People in Power... when we buy as a group and work as a team.   

Did you know?  There are 120 million Rx consumers in the U.S. who consumed more than $500Bn in prescript drugs last year - while prices are rising exponentially because of greed.  We can fix that by negotiating for volume discounts for health-related goods and services.  The resulting marketplace will save members hundreds of billions annually.  

Together, we will have more buying power than the largest private will pass the savings to members and Medicare to increase its solvency... within 3 months of reaching our membership drive goals (10% of the Rx Consumers in the U.S.).

  • Since private insurers base their payments on what Medicare charges, this will reduce the cost of drugs to insurance companies, employers so everybody wins!
  • What's more, we will use a VistA-based Personal Health Record (PHR) to help patients manage their prescriptions.  Since Open Source, we invite National Nurses United to help us tailor it to meet the needs of safety net programs/regions across the U.S.
  • This will improve the quality and continuity of care for everyone who joins while making it easy to share the right data at the time, with the right people; before mistakes and decisions are made.  This will eliminate data silos and fragmented care, and yield better outcomes for lower costs and serve more people than is possible with a fee-for-service delivery system - only we can do all of this in a manner that pays for itself savings in less than one year.   

Training for VistA is free, online... and can help patients play a more effective role in managing their health.  With a little extra training, people can qualify for a sustainable job that pays $15/hr (min. wage) to coordinate care/transportation for veterans and dual eligibles.  Savings will cover the cost to create millions of self-sustaining jobs across the nation.  These jobs will strengthen and expand the safety net, by providing tools, training, and support needed to improve better care for patients living with complex health and social issues.  This is essential to helping cities and states recover from mean-spirited budget cuts to critical programs.

Together we're better and stronger!

Since everybody who joins will have an account on our VistA-based infrastructure, we can easily track encounters and outcomes, and compute cost benefits on a regional basis to help safety net programs compete with and out-perform profit-driven Accountable Care Organizations that value profits more than people.  This will increase competition by proving that less costly care can yield better outcomes for more people, and thus force providers to reduce their costs or lose market share.  

In this way, we can deliver many of the benefits of Single Payer, without the price tag.  What's more, this program will pay for itself without increasing taxes or raising the or requiring an act of Congress.  

Most importantly... This plan will reduce the influence of money in politics and gerrymandering, by delivering a solution that transcends the issues dividing our nation.  It will give candidates running for office in 2018 to stand while giving the 99% worth voting for.  


If we can get just 3.5% of the Rx consumers in the nation to join our $1 membership drive, we can create a Brand New Congress without waiting for the upcoming election by proving that our ideas and solutions are better - and if they don't protect our interest we will throw them out.  This will help us hold Congress' feet to the fire as it relates to protecting Net Neutrality.

Please support this program by donating $1 if you can.  

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Thank you.

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