We can make a little into alot

We can make a little into alot

From Corey Gibson

I’m fundraising to try to make a dream a reality.Once the dream becomes reality,the possibilities are endless.We can make this possible.All together.

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Hello everyone My name is Corey Gibson.Im from Indianapolis Indiana and 45 years old.In 2018,I made a decision to try to do something different with my life.The life I was leading,was inching me closer and closer to penitentiary or the grave yard.I had been through so much at that point,it was unreal.I had been to prison multiple times and did a little over fifteen years,my three brothers were dead,my best friend,and even my seventeen year old daughter and niece were murdered in cold blood.No parent should ever have to bury a child.From the time I was 14 up until recently my life was devoid of dreams.I had no ambition to be anything I wanted to be.The lust of money,the trauma,the mistrust,the misery,the lifestyle…..I allowed all of it and more to rob me of my dreams and who I aspired to be.Its crazy because most people don’t even realize they no longer dream.Anyway,in 2018 ,after realizing I was in a life or death situation.By continuing to not change my ways,and drifting through life.I had a serious conversation with God about my past ,and my future.It was decided I would be a writer,make other people’s lives better,and give something to the people. Something to put on their brain.When I say ‘We can make a lot into a little’ it means no matter what you donate .One dollar, two dollars ,a thousand dollars ,thousands,a share,the word of mouth from you to a friend…..All the little things will eventually add to big things with time effort consistency love and more.We will be able to achieve so much as time will reveal but first we need to get there and finances are a major part.I have been writing these last 6 years and have a lot of material.My first book is in the process of publication.There is a lot that has to be done.From editing,designing,marketing,promotions,supplies,expences,and much much more.I’ve already laid the foundation by setting up a publishing company called “Geezy Unlimited,llc” and getting the first novel in rotation.Im just trying to get enough to get the publishing company off the ground and this first novel.Im biased,but I swear I have some material that could possibly make a big impact in the industry and life.Me chasing and achieving my dreams could impact many around the world and give them the encouragement to chase theirs.Its possible that we could build a successful entity that could have a voice in the cure for cancer,combat racial injustices,contribute in the fight against homelessness and poverty.We could fund scholarships,build playgrounds,and decrease violence.I believe we can do all of this if we believe.I know we can do it.

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