Let's support Zehra and her two sons!

Let's support Zehra and her two sons!

From We Are Well Now Organization

We are raising money to help support an amazing mother going through challenging times. The money mostly will go to her parent's medical bills and support for her two sons. Read her story in the description.

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Let’s Help Zehra!

Would you spare your 1 minute if it makes a huge difference in someone’s life?

Zehra is a 44-year-old widow. Zehra was previously happily settled in the US with her husband and two sons. That life of theirs was a true manifestation of ‘happily ever after’. But little did she know that her heaven won’t last long, let alone forever. One day, time played its cruel game and took her husband away. She felt extremely lonely and decided to leave the States. Bereft Zehra gathered her sons and came back to her parents in her home country – Turkey, only to find out that her parents are living hand to mouth. She took their responsibility on her already crushed shoulders with the grief of her husband’s death.

Zehra's father is suffering from Alzheimer’s. She sees her old mother struggling to take care of him 24/7. Being a strong and hopeful lady, Zehra has chosen to stay firm and support her family through this time. She started doing the job as a clerk at a courthouse yet it doesn’t count for much. However, the only relief in Zehra's life is that her little boy is going to a community school and she doesn’t have to pay fees but a school-going kid needs a lot of "school supplies". Zehra, determined to raise her child as an educated person, cuts back on her own needs to provide him with the school essentials.

This world gives a lot of hurdles when a woman is determined to pursue a specific path. These hurdles double up when the woman doesn’t have a male’s support, along with a pair of old folks and two little boys, who can’t help themselves financially. Being brave and broke simultaneously demands sheer physical and mental strength of Zehra.

Zehra doesn’t ask anyone for help. Instead, she tries to manage everything on her while silently hoping a miracle might happen. If Zehra must support her family, she must stay healthy and restore her job. Do you think you can help her support herself and her two amazing sons and her parents? 

 Let’s make that miracle happen which Zehra hopes for every day, every moment while she fights and chooses to stay strong.

Your few dollars can cut someone’s pain to a considerable level.

Let’s help Zehra!

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