This San Francisco mother and her children fled domestic violence and assault in her home county and arrived in San Francisco recently, after great struggles. For months, they have been homeless in our rich city.

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We know that all of us together are family— and the power of family is that we stick together!

We believe we can pool our resources to make a real difference with this family, a newly arrived refugee mom with five little kids.  The mom and her children fled domestic violence and assault in her home country and arrived in San Francisco recently, after great struggles.  

For months, they have been homeless in our rich city, bouncing from shelter to shelter.  Last night, two of the children had to be rushed to the emergency room at SF General because they were burning up with fever.  By the time the family got back to the shelter, it was too late. There were no more beds left, so mom and her five young kids had to sleep in the street.  

The mother and her children are refugees in our Sanctuary City— a place where we say we support immigrants, but can’t offer them even a place to sleep.  Like so many others, she is looking for a safe home. Imagine being a mother caring for five children on your own without a place to live, having to sleep on the floor of a crowded shelter each night with your little ones, then being sent away before dawn to wander the streets until evening. Imagine what it is like to see your kids with no clean clothing, no showers, nowhere to go; to see your kids hungry and not know when you can give them a next meal.  

This family is our family. We couldn’t just sit on the sideline and watch this strong mother and her family go through this.   

We decided to pool our resources and rent this mother and her children a motel room for the next three weeks, while the kids heal and Faith In Action accompaniment teams work with a church that’s offered her a temporary place to stay.

We’re so grateful for the church that will be offering safety and sanctuary. We’re so grateful for her lawyers, and for the faithful women who have stepped up to help the children, and for all of you who reach out your hands to them. 

Our family needs to mobilize support for this mother so she can stabilize her family.  The motel costs $1,750 for the days they will stay until the church can make space available. Mom and her kids literally have only the clothes on their backs: they need money to eat each day, and to buy basic necessities.

We are asking each of you to donate what you can so that mom and her family can move forward. Twenty dollars, fifty dollars, five hundred dollars— it all makes a huge difference.

This summer, the two ten-year old twin boys are in summer school at a local elementary school.  All four older children are enrolled to go to school in SF next fall, and we’re helping mom find daycare for the baby so that she can go to work. This family is incredibly strong and brave: let’s step up and make it possible for them to find a home here. We are family!

Please support OUR family by donating today--any amount helps! And please keep the whole family in your prayers. They are so grateful to know that they are not alone.

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