Waza Track Club: 2016 Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary!

Waza Track Club: 2016 Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary!

From Himanshu Khandelwal

Waza TC athletes have an opportunity to participate in Junior Olympics in Houston, TX. Some of these athletes may not be able to participate without your support. We are seeking your support to help these kids.

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The funds from this campaign will be used in a variety of ways for our athletes.  Specifically, appropriate uniforms and meet fees for athletes whose parents are financially distressed plus lodging and transportation to Junior Olympics as well as scholarship opportunities.


  • —Provide a place for athletes to grow, develop and compete where all are welcome and where all benefit from the program.
  • —Create a cross-training environment that benefits multiple types of athletes regardless of their preferred event or sport.
  • —Encourage athletes to balance sports, academics, and leadership so that when their high school careers come to an end, they have multiple opportunities.
  • —Create a track team that sincerely welcomes all, but also performs at an extraordinary level in national competitions.
  • —Share our love of track and field so that our athletes see the beauty of humankind’s First Sport.


  • We develop today’s youth athletes and prepare tomorrow’s young adults.
  • —We want every athlete in this program to get the most out it that they can. 
  • —Our program is Athlete focused not Coach focused, or “Club” focused.
  • —Our coaches are focused on training and athlete development.
  • —Our objective is to ensure that every athlete benefits the most possible from involvement in the program.
  • —We do what others won’t, in order to achieve what they can’t.
  • —Waza TC is a true non-profit 501(c)3 and not a profit center.


  • WAZA —TC was founded in 2006 to provide Waza FC (Football Club) soccer players the opportunity to cross train and compete in track and field.  
  • —We started with a few kids that were interested in cross training with soccer and now are a reasonably sized track club. 
  • —Many athletes train with Waza TC to improve their speed, strength, endurance, agility and conditioning. 
  • —Others train to compete in the AAU and USATF series of track meets. 
  • —Our athletes range in age from 7 to 17 years old.  We train regularly with between 40 - 50 athletes. 
  • —The Club’s athletes have matured to become competitive at the local, state and national levels.


  • We compete in both AAU and USATF sanctioned meets locally as well as a variety of invitationals.  
  • In Summer 2016, our focus will be on AAU for Junior Olympics (JO) since it will be their 50th Anniversary.  It will be held in Houston, TX.  
  • In Summer 2015, we went to AAU JO in Virginia Beach, VA.  
  • In Summer 2014, we went to AAU JO in Des Moines, IA.  
  • In Summer 2013, we went to AAU JO in Ypsilanti, MI.  
  • In Summer 2012, we went to USATF JO in Baltimore, MD.  
  • In Summer 2011, we went to AAU JO in New Orleans, LA.


  • The program is run by a small HIGHLY passionate and dedicated team on a completely voluntary basis.  The team includes Doug McDowell, (Director of Coaching & Head Coach), Cathy Momeyer (Assistant Coach), Paula Holbel (Club Manager & Treasurer), Greg Momeyer (Uniform Manager).


  • http://www.wazafc.com/page/show/1816686-waza-track-club

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