Ways To Update Your Home With Herringbone Vinyl

Ways To Update Your Home With Herringbone Vinyl

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Check your home for thatch and gaps. Once you know what needs updating, it’s time to look at your interior design. That’s why we’re outlining the different ways you can update your home with herringbone pattern flooring. From color to pattern, here are great ways to update your interior with herringbone pattern flooring.


Go Bold With Color


If you’re looking for a design that stands out, go bold with color. Add a pop of color to your living room with herringbone flooring. Choose from different shades of the same hue or mix it up by choosing contrasting colors. It’s a great way to add some excitement to your space and make it feel fresh again.


Update Your Layout


If you’re tired of your current layout, it might be time to consider some updates. We often change our decor and furniture to update the feel of a room. Why not do the same with your flooring? Herringbone vinyl is a great alternative to carpet if you’re looking for a durable flooring option. Plus, it will update the look of any room without breaking the budget.


Give Your Floors A Makeover


If your floors are looking a bit lackluster, you can give them a makeover with herringbone vinyl. A quick and easy way to do this is by adding our vinyl plank flooring. It’s simple to install and can be used anywhere in your home for an instant update.


Introduce Texture Into Your Home


If you want to add more texture to your space, herringbone flooring is a great place to start. Herringbone vinyl offers a ton of texture with its criss-cross pattern. From the hardwood floors to the walls, the pattern will complement any texture found in your home. The best part? Herringbone vinyl can be installed in any area of your home including the kitchen!


Bring In The Herringbone Trend


The next time you’re looking for an update to your home, consider using herringbone flooring. With its subtle aesthetic and timeless pattern, it could be a great addition. If you’re trying to choose between different patterns, think about what kind of mood you want your home to convey.


If you want something that is classic, neutral and sophisticated then herringbone flooring might be the best choice. Take a look at some different color options and find the one that best suits your needs. From light blues to dark oranges, there are plenty of options to choose from so make sure to pick the right one for your family or needs in the home.


Use Herringbone Vinyl Flooring As An Accent


One way you can update your home with herringbone is by using herringbone flooring as an accent. Pick an area of your home where you want to use the pattern and then pick a coordinating color to create a coordinated look.


If you’re looking for a bold look, try using herringbone flooring in your kitchen or dining room. You could also go for more of a subtle look by incorporating a herringbone pattern into your living room. Herringbone vinyl flooring adds visual interest without being too overwhelming.

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