Ways to Unclog a bathroom sink

Ways to Unclog a bathroom sink

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Clogged bathroom sinks can be one of the most annoying issues homeowners face. There are some easy ways to take care of this issue. Here are a few ways to unclog your bathroom sink in no time.

1. Drain Enzymatic Cleaners


To remove clogged drains, many plumbers in Hoppers Crossing recommend using enzymatic drain cleaners. Chemical drain cleaners may efficiently clean your drain pipes, but they may cause system damage over time. The high chemical concentration might damage the insides of the pipes and emit harmful gases. Enzymatic drain cleaners do not include chemicals but bacteria cultures and concentrated enzymes responding to the organic material. These cleansers' enzymes or bacteria will feast on organic things ranging from your hair to food waste to mould. The organisms then digest these waste products, multiply, and disseminate the beneficial bacteria throughout your drainage system.


2. Baking Soda and Vinegar


The baking soda and vinegar method is a tried and tested way of clearing drain blockages using components most likely to be found in your kitchen cupboards. Commercial plumbers say that when baking soda and vinegar mix, they produce a neutralising reaction that aids in the removal of debris sticking to the pipes of your bathroom sink. Combine approximately 1/3 cup baking soda and 1/3 cup vinegar in a cup. To be effective, you must immediately dump this solution down the drain. After about an hour, rinse with hot water.


3. Using a Plunger


Did you know that certain plungers get designed to unclog sink drains? Sink plungers do not feature a "flange" on end but rather a larger opening for effective sink cleaning. To unclog the drain, place the plunger over it and plunge it like a toilet. Clogs may form in the sink, so be prepared to clear and clean it after plunging.


4. Boiling Water


Using boiling water to unclog a bathroom sink is highly efficient for flushing obstructions through your pipes. This procedure works well for soap scum blockages and sinks that aren't full of standing water. Get a pot of water to a boil before slowly pouring it down the drain once it has achieved a rolling boil. You may need to repeat this many times to eliminate the drain obstruction. Boiling water will not harm your bathroom sink pipes; you can use this approach as often as necessary.


5. Use a Drain Snake


You can find drain snakes, often known as "plumber's snakes," at your local hardware shop. As per emergency plumbers in Point cook, drain snakes are made of coiled metal wire with a more significant gap at one end. Spin a crank to twist the wire as it goes through your drain pipe to use it.


If the blockage is caused by a dense yet sharable  obstruction, the drain snake can break it up enough to facilitate flow. An obstacle like hair could be grabbed or corkscrewed by the auger, enabling the operator to pull it away. As the auger turns, it scrapes soap scum, hard minerals, and oil off the inside walls of the pipe.


6. Use a Wet/Dry Vacuum.


Do you have a wet/dry vacuum (similar to a ShopVac)? If you have one or can get to a hardware or large box shop that rents them out, this may be a highly efficient way to clean a clogged drain rapidly. Here are the measures to clear a blockage using a wet/dry vacuum.


Configure your wet/dry vacuum for damp use. You must follow the manufacturer's directions for proper use. Place the hose end at the drain's entry, then form a tight seal around the hose end and the drain. The vacuum should get adjusted to the maximum level. The vacuum's suction should clear the blockage in your bathroom sink.


If you cannot unclog your sink or another drain with a wet or dry Vacuum, you may have a severe problem that necessitates 24/7 emergency plumbing services.


7. Remove the P-Trap.


One typical cause of sink clogs is hair and soap scum caught in the "P-Trap" under the sink. It is formed exactly like the letter "P." A P-trap is a plumbing device that serves many functions. It catches waste drained from the sink and keeps it from becoming a blockage deep within the plumbing system, and its most important part is to keep harmful gases like methane from entering a home. These traps also help homeowners to reclaim tiny things that have fallen down the drain quickly and conveniently. To cut a long tale short, they are an essential component of modern plumbing design.


Regular drain cleaning keeps p-traps in excellent working order. It stops sewage gas from entering the drain. Some water will stay in the curved area of the p-trap after running through the drainpipe, halted by gravity.


8. Hair Removal Tool


If none of these techniques works, you may need to use your clog by using a hair removal tool such as a zip-it or auger snake. These tools are designed to remove hair from drains and can easily get found at most home improvement stores or online retailers. Insert the tool into your bathroom sink's opening and pull out debris—this should fix most minor clogs quickly and easily! Also, ensure that you do not use too much force when doing so, as you don't want to damage any pipes underneath your sink!


Connect with Professionals: NLK Plumbing


Unclogging a bathroom sink can be irritating but necessary for many homeowners. Still, thankfully there are some simple solutions available that don't require professional help or expensive plumbing services! From plunging with a traditional plunger to using vinegar and baking soda or even employing a hair removal tool, plenty of options are available for getting rid of pesky clogs in your bathroom sink! So keep these tips handy if you are dealing with this problem again!


At NLK Plumbing, we have certified and experienced plumbers who can help you have the best plumbing solutions. Whether you are looking for a roof plumber in Hoppers Crossing or a drain expert, we remain just a call away from removing your plumbing issues. Get in touch with us soon! 

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