Wayne's Brain Tumor

Wayne's Brain Tumor

From Elin Walters

Wayne's brain tumor has hit us hard and taken us by such surprise. And after using all the savings we had to recover from his car accident, we are struggling hard financially.

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Needless to say, we never thought that something like this would happen. The car crash where Wayne was t-boned by a woman going 20 miles over the speed limit straight through a red light shook us to our core. But we handled it, used our savings, and got by with Wayne's time off of work and luckily, I didn't have to take any time off either. We were expecting Wayne to go back to work and be able to get back on our feet. But we got hit again hard with this news... Because of the constant care that Wayne is going to need, I am having to take three weeks off of work. He will be out for a minimum of ten weeks. I am so incredibly grateful that we are able to get this surgery covered and that I am in a position where I can take some time off to care for him, but we are both still terrified. Brain surgery is never something we thought we would ever be facing, and the financial hardships that are coming along with it is making the stress for both of us extremely difficult to deal with. I don't want him worrying about money when he's just had his skull opened and dug into and should be focused only on healing. We wouldn't be asking unless it was an absolute emergency, but after doing the math--this is about how much we will be out and need to cover everything we need. I wish I was in a position where I could just take on another job, but I'm already pushing 70+ hours a week between school and work, and my only option is to drop out of school when I am less than two months shy of graduating. We do the best we can but we are still trying to get our footing and make a life for ourselves... Brain tumors unfortunately put quite the wrench in that. 

A lot of people have asked how they can help, and honestly this is what we need most. Everything was already really tight, and I’m really not sure how we are going to get through this next hurdle without some help. Truly, anything means the world to us. Thank you so much for reading. 

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