Warm home for smooth-haired dogs and cats

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Warm home for smooth-haired dogs and cats

Good news: a shelter has been found for homeless animals that cannot live outside in cold weather. We need building materials, a stove-maker, frames, we need to lay the floors.

The activities of the Society for the Protection of Animals are aimed at comprehensively solving the problems of homeless animals using humane methods:

- Removal of animals from the streets of the city, where complaints from city residents are received.

- Carrying out sanitary and veterinary processing and sterilization operations (female).

- Accommodation of shelter residents through the media and the return of spayed dogs to their former habitat in cases where they are cared for by residents of the houses.

- Operation of an information retrieval center with a database of existing, found and lost animals.

The main goals and objectives of the Society for the Protection of Animals:

- Formation of a responsible attitude towards animals in people, education of moral positions in relation to the sphere of human treatment of other living beings.

- Reducing the number of homeless animals.

- Cooperation with similar domestic and foreign organizations, foundations, movements.

- Organization of shelters for homeless animals, sterilization centers, exhibitions of mongrel cats and dogs, etc.

Now we have a new goal, a separate building for a warm shelter was purchased for our tails. Winter is coming and for smooth-haired cats and dogs it is certain death. Renovated hangar, albeit large, but unheated. The purchased building is, of course, not in the best condition, but it will already be a stable point for animals.Before winter, we need:

- put the oven- insert the second frames- to lay the floorsand also make metal structures.

A separate room in this building will be designed for the arrival of doctors from the branch office and from the neighboring city. We really hope for the help of caring people, while we are doing one common cause, not everything is lost in this world!

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