Wallkill Valley Music Department | Vibraphone Funding

Wallkill Valley Music Department | Vibraphone Funding

From Paul Michael Kane

The Wallkill Valley Music Department, with help from students, parents and friends, is looking to raise funding for a new/pre-owned Vibraphone. The vibes would be used by the talented concert & jazz bands.

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Let's make a difference and keep the arts and music thriving in our schools . . . this Fundly campaing is looking to raise the money to purchase a new/used Vibraphone for the Wallkill Valley Music Department. 

The vibraphone is a percussion instrument that has tuned metal bars and is similar in shape to a xylophone. Felt or wool beaters are used to strike the bars, giving a soft, mellow tone quality. Suspended vertically below each aluminum bar is a tubular, tuned resonator that sustains the tone when the bar is struck.

The special feature of the vibraphone, the one that gives the instrument its name, is a set of small, electrically operated fans above the resonators (and below the bars) that cause a vibrato effect by rapidly closing and opening the resonators. A pedal-controlled damper, consisting of a long strip of felt below each row of bars, can silence the bars, permitting the playing of short notes and unblurred series of chords. Cutting off the fans, changing their speed, or using hard mallets are other ways to alter the normal tone quality of the vibraphone.

No donation is too small - or too large, for that matter!  Every dollar will be appreciated. Once you donate, please consider sharing this campaign to your various social media feeds. Let's make this a global effort to carry on the sound of music for this terrific school. 

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