VPNs For Online Privacy and Safety, Entertainment, And Educa

VPNs For Online Privacy and Safety, Entertainment, And Educa

From Dereck Hayes

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Online entertainment is one of the most important reasons for VPN adoption. Given that VPNs can reroute user traffic through a server located abroad, this makes the user appear online as a resident from the respective country, being thus able to access local content. On this wiki page, you can learn what is VPN. Some useful features in this respect include the number of countries covered, the number of servers (ensures speed), the ability to access platforms like Netflix, etc.

VPNs For Safety

By using data encryption, all traffic between the user and the Internet becomes virtually inaccessible by any third party, including the ISP, who provides the physical infrastructure for your Internet connection. Obviously, this also extends to hackers and government spying agencies (like NSA). Moreover, given that the data traffic is initially routed through a VPN server, the user is assigned the IP address of the server instead of his/her physical IP. This ensures absolute online privacy, with the websites being unable to identify the user.

Regardless of the usage scenarios you anticipate (for the workplace, home network, traveling), Veepn.com is a good resource to help inform the choice of a provider that would suit you. Travelling deserves a separate mention, due to the following facts:

● users typically access several public WiFi networks, which come with multiple risks;

● users tend to make financial transactions (for hotel stays, buying tickets);

● these sensitive operations are often performed from a smartphone or a tablet, which are less likely to have an antivirus software installed, as compared to a computer.

Relevance Of VPNs In The Context Of Education

The utility of VPNs in the context of online self-education is both to ensure safety for all the personal data used online and during potential financial transactions on MOOC platforms but also to ensure online privacy and to avoid trouble in case of accessing resources such as SciHub, which offers free access to a large number academic journals.

Yet another aspect is the use of torrent platforms – while many ISP providers automatically associate these with copyright infringement (and might give you a warning call), many resources uploaded by users can be distributed freely without breaking the law. However, one would feel way more comfortable using a torrent platform with a VPN.

The author on this site makes a point about the financial burden of college education but also about the fast pace of technology nowadays to which professionals must constantly adapt. The truth is that there is a wealth of educational material online nowadays and embracing online self-education is an attractive option that can allow one to cut on the costs but also to keep up with the knowledge in a given field.

To conclude the utility of VPNs is multilateral and this is obviously because so much of our life (both work and fun) have moved online.


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