Volga Christian School Playground Equipment

Volga Christian School Playground Equipment

From Laci Volkers

The students at Volga Christian School are asking for your help in raising funds to purchase swings and a geo dome climber to add to their playground!

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Playing is all about having fun! Any activity, organized or unstructured, that a child finds fun and enjoyable is considered play. Free play helps children learn to communicate with other kids, practice vocabulary and conversation skills. Playgrounds can help them learn how to follow and change rules, share, and take turns as they make up games with other kids. These social interactions can help your child practice picking up on social cues like body language and tone of voice. Playgrounds are more than just a fun place where your child can spend free time.

Swinging is a basic playground activity that can aid a child's development in many areas. It helps with balance and teaches them to know where their body is in space. And it also gives them the practice with fine motor skills like gripping the chain, gross motor skills like pumping their legs, and coordination. What is more, swinging helps the brain learn to make sense of speed and direction, which can be beneficial for children with visual perception difficulties.

Climbing playground equipment can also benefit a child's development. The same is true for climbing trees. In order to climb, a child needs to build an awareness of where their body parts are and what they are capable of doing with them. Climbing helps to make a child aware of directions like up and down or left and right. Climbing also encourages problem solving skills and predicting what is going to happen next. Such as, "Where should my left foot go next? How will I get down?" This kind of thinking can prove to be helpful not just on the playground but also in the classroom.

The students at Volga Christian School have lots of green grass to run, a basketball court, and a very well loved wooden play set for their outdoor play time. Children of all ages from both the school and community have enjoyed our playground. But the children have been praying for swings and more climbing equipment. Can you blame them? Can you remember your childhood recess without swings? After all, it is a basic playground activity.

We have been praying and saving, but it is now time to look to you, our brothers and sisters in Christ, for the extra help in making this dream a reality for these kids! Maybe you have a child that attends our school, grandchild, maybe a niece or nephew, cousin, a friends of a friend, or know someone who enjoys utilizing our playground. Or you feel the Lord has guided and blessed you for this opportunity! We are also asking for prayers for the Lord's hand, grace, and guidance in our project and monetary donations to fulfill our students' desire for more playground equipment. 

"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact your are doing." - 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Help us continue to lift up His name in praise and raise our children in the way of the Lord!

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