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Hello. It's pretty hard to describe what my problem is. 

I was always ashamed of it and my whole life was a one big humiliation. I have a condition called "poor cord closure". It works in this horrible way that it makes my voice really quiet - and this creates a whole bunch of really serious problems. 

I am a young girl who can't even properly express herself. I was always scared of talking to people - at school, at work, even in my very close relationships. I can't stand for myself when someone's mean to me - I am always on a losing position. But, most of all, I feel very lonely - like everyone else in this world I have a social needs that cannot be really provided. I feel like I have all the love and kindness in the world trapped in my very myself and I can't let it out. I feel that I could give everyone so much more that I can. All of it makes me really depressed. 

I have tried everything but nothing ever really worked. I almost lost all of my hope and was very close to give up. Hovever, lately, I have found something that can really help me. 

It's a new procedure in laryngology but it's strongly effective. In the first, implants are inserted through a neck incision to bring vocal cords closer together. The second involves injections of fat or collagen to plump up the vocal cords. 

Sounds like all of my dream could come true but the problem is... I can't afford this. So please, please, I will be so grateful for any help, even the smallest. It's like having back a life that I couldn't even ever have. It's a huge deal for me.

Sending a big hug for everyone. 


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