Africa’s Community Outreach Project for Singers

Africa’s Community Outreach Project for Singers

From Joett Music

I'm raising money to uplift underprivileged young singing talent across Africa, by taking my Masterclass event to major cities. Donations will go towards flights, accommodation, logistics,and training material.

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My name is Joett (pronounced Joe-Wet), and I am a professional voice coach from Tanzania, in East Africa. I am also a member of the Jury for the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA); a singer-songwriter and member of the American Society Of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP); and the author of a singers’ handbook titled “101 Letters from a Vocal Coach: A Collection Of Helpful Tips And Articles for Singers.”

African Music Industry

In recent years, the African music industry has seen tremendous growth across the board, to the point where it has become a sustainable industry that is providing employment to thousands of Africans across a wide array of industries and services connected to the music industry, such as: video directors, record producers, manufacturers, dancers, fashion, nightclubs, event organizers, music award bodies, porters and jobbers; to corporate brands eager to cash-in on African celebrity endorsement. 

The possibilities for personal growth the music industry now brings to Africans, in terms of job creation, merchandising and commerce, has hit an all-time high and is without a doubt poised for unprecedented growth.

Professional Voice Coaching Initiative

In tandem with this refreshing trend and upward trajectory for the African continent, since 2009, as it happens, I have been (as an individual) volunteering my time and expertise to training local talent in East Africa.

Professional voice coaching is not an abundantly available service in Africa, and in cities where you’ll likely find tutors the cost is so prohibitive people in local communities cannot afford it. And it is for this reason that I decided to step-in to offer private tuition on pro bono, both in-studio and online.

Empowering talent across Africa with the tools of the trade has been my passion and vocation for a very long time, and if you share my vision, your contribution to this crowd-funding event will be allocated as follows:

I will be providing my tutoring services on pro bono, all I need is your contribution to facilitatie a one-of-a-kind Vocals Quick Fix Africa Masterclass... which I would very much like to host for large groups of youths; in the African cities of Zanzibar, Dar es salaam, Nairobi, Kampala, Kigali, Lusaka, Windhoek, Lagos and Accra. 

Contributions will go towards covering costs invovled in getting the project off the ground, such as: booking the venues, meals & beverages for participants, training materail, logistical expenses (including marketing & promotion), local transportation and air tickets; fullboard hotel accommodation for myself and my crew, and miscellany. 

The Japhy Ross Success Story on Video

Japhy Ross, whose Before & After 10 months training testimonial appears in the video at the top of this page (you can view the full Before & After Parts 1 to 3 here), is a pupil who started out with my free online voice training program and ended up in my studio on my pro bono service. He is one of many emerging Tanzanian artists who have benefited from my community outreach initiative, wherein, I have trained countless youngsters on pro bono. 

I am very much committed to helping the community, and despite limited resources I try to help as many aspiring young artists as I possibly can. With your kind donation, nonetheless, I'm sure we will get to witness a lot more success stories.

That being said, my main focus has always been to train the talent so as to give them the wings to fly as professional singers, but I never really got involved in funding their careers.

However, since recently partnering up with Namibian radio platform Nam Radio to create Talent Showcase Africa (TSA), we’ve opened up that element of scope in artiste development, with an intrinsic value that will guarantee multimedia exposure and mainstream recognition in an already very competitive markeplace. 

I believe that with a little help from music lovers and well-wishers around the globe, we can—at the very least—give access to professional training to thousands more emerging talent from across Africa. 

Your contribution to making this worthy cause a success will be highly appreciated.

Thank you!



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