Vita and Veritas for Animals

Vita and Veritas for Animals

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For only the cost of a cup of coffee (or tea)... YOU CAN HELP ACCOMPLISH THE MISSION: Striving to improve the life (Vita) of all animals while promoting truth (Veritas) throughout the world for their well-being.

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 "What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."  Jane Goodall

“All animals are awesome!”   Vita & Veritas


Beaglegate is shocking...

This recent discovery has inspired me to create Vita & Veritas for Animals, a non-partisan, international organization and community focusing on helping ALL animals. Since it is not a 501 (c), no federal funding will be sought or accepted. 


Striving to improve life (Vita) for all animals while promoting truth (Veritas) throughout the world for their well-being.


Since Vita & Veritas for Animals is not a 501(c), it can not be compromised by the government but your donation is not tax deductible; therefore, consider only giving  what a cup of coffee (or tea) costs.  Of course, the amount you contribute is your decision. This organization is not for profit.

Currently, there are two areas of focus, Disease Research and Nutrition Research and Development. If this campaign is successful, the sky is the limit to what can be accomplished in other areas for animals so this is just the start!

When you donate, specify in the comments section the area of focus to which you would like to contribute.  Although Vita & Veritas for Animals is based in the U.S., this is an international project benefiting animals worldwide. 

Disease Research

Although many of us spend considerable amounts of money to promote our pets’ health, there are very common disease states still shortening their lives such as Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), kidney disease, auto-immune disorders, etc. Together our pooled donations will be given to a top veterinary school in the U.S. to conduct research on the disease(s) YOU selected. The goal of the research is to create preventions, cures and/or great improvements of the disease state enabling the animal to live a much longer life with great quality. 

Please also note in the comments section what disease you would like to have investigated for ANY type of animal. When a campaign goal is reached, the results will be tallied and the disease with the most requests will be the research “winner”. Each dollar donated by you will be a vote for the particular disease you want to be researched.

Nutrition Research & Development

Some veterinary schools are beginning to focus on nutrition as part of their curriculum but often vets leave food up to the companies that make it. Despite the care we give our animals, they are still getting sick and not living longer. This is often partly, if not fully, due to bad nutritional options which are sold on shelves everywhere. Even the “boutique” brands have issues. The goal is to have veterinary schools that are currently studying nutrition to expand their research. As a result, hopefully, much better commercially available foods will be produced and/or pet owners will be informed on how to cook easy, inexpensive, nutritious recipes for their pets.

Currently, 85% of all pet food is manufactured in the U.S. primarily by privately owned, Mars, Inc. which is a monopoly and has tremendous conflicts of interest!


Not only am I passionate about animals, I have credentials that, in addition to your donations, will achieve this goal quickly. I earned a graduate business degree from Harvard in 2018. My specialty is Strategic Management. I believe, based on my educational and professional experience, 18 years in the medical industry identifying and funding programs for major medical institutions and three years in business consulting, I am primed to lead a lean organization with no staff, no overhead and no waste. I understand the importance of being an agile organization to be efficient and effective in achieving goals rapidly. I am a strategic problem solver with an acute sense of urgency and a passionate optimist who truly believes ANY goal can be accomplished.


Each member of this global community is important…we are a team! You will be thanked and recognized for your donation of any amount. If you provide your name when you donate, the veterinary schools will be made aware of your participation. Of course, you can always donate in honor of your animals too!

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