Legal Impact Transformation and Unification Project (LIT UP INC.) WE NEED IMMEDIATE HELP! We are in need of funds to assist newly released men and women from Oklahoma prisons and to keep this assistance available.

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Legal Impact Transformation and Unification Project (LIT UP INC)



Providing research, information, and advocacy for prisoners that do not have a voice.  Our services include advocacy for prisoners that have had rights violated, have been beaten, harassed, bullied by guards, and more. LIT UP provides education programs, public and private policy, legal, and procedural information and advocacy assistance for both state and federal prisoners across the country.  First-time nonviolent offenders (including juveniles) who have been sentenced through either a plea deal or trial resulting in harsh sentences have contributed greatly to our countries mass incarceration problem.   Reviewing individual cases and determining what, if any, measures can be implemented to overturn, reduce or commute sentences for each prisoner is our goal. When new legal decisions or evidence is found we notify prisoners, their families, and their attorney.  In several cases over the last year petitions sent to prosecutors, judges, state and federal attorney generals, governors, and the president requesting sentence reductions, commutations, and clemency/pardons have been considered or granted due to new court rulings, research and even evidence not known or given to defense before plea/trial.  

LIT UP is continually advocating for Criminal Justice Reform and beginning in November 2019 we are launching the "PASS THE NEXT STEP ACT" campaign.  Beginning in January 2020 attending various town halls and other political campaign events around the country, we will be asking candidates tough questions and learning their views on our current justice system and policies.  Meeting with various congressmen and women about not only criminal justice reform but fair access to education, housing, and jobs.  Providing current and formerly incarcerated individuals access to Pell grants, and other assistance.  Supporting re-entry reform,  we hope to educate lawmakers on the REAL problems and POSITIVE solutions that should be implemented NOW, and we hope to gather at least 1,000,000 signatures on our petition which will go to every member of congress.  

Transformation Project

Providing motivation, and education support to men, women, and children while incarcerated helps provide strength, hope, and stability while in prison.  Former prisoners who have gone on to become educators, attorneys, performers, authors, volunteer their time to educate the currently incarcerated.  Upon program approval, these volunteers visit prisons to teach a 2-hour class two times a week for 24 weeks.  Inmates also participate in Life Reform, a study program that prepares each student for the world that often feels so foreign to those that have been incarcerated for 3 or more years.

Upon release, the inmate is assigned a mentor and completes the final six months of the program while at home.  The program teaches leadership lessons (21 to be exact), financial "fitness" for life which includes 11 different classes taught by banking professionals.  Leadership and professional training including public speaking, 7 core values, critical thinking skills, emotional intelligence, and team building and management.  Lastly, tech training including Microsoft word, excel, and powerpoint, IT training, an intro to Blockchain and podcasting.

Establishing connections with local and corporate employers across the country, when the "client" completes the program we work to help with employment.  So far, 87% of our client base is employed and 64% have become mentors.  

Unification Project  

Our Unification Project works with prisoners' families to rebuild, restore, and revive relationships. Working with spouses, parents, and children, volunteer therapists/coaches seek to rebuild each family member's, trust, self-esteem and intuitive understanding.  Through phone calls, letters, emails, video calls, and finally visits, inmates and their families work to restore their relationships.  When release day comes, the inmate knows that he/she is going HOME.  Family communication is vital to an inmate's mental state while in prison.  Studies show that inmates who return home with a strong support system are revived and less likely to return to prison,  instead making positive changes that impact their lives and the lives of others.

Your support makes this project possible.  We are not an organization that simply lobbies Washington lawmakers.  We focus not only on changing our current system but changing the lives of those incarcerated and those that have come home.  These men, women, and children are the victims and victors of our current broken and corrupt justice system.  There are no better representatives for our initiative.  Lawmakers will come face to face with the people their "tough on crime" policies have affected.    

Join our initiative and help change our criminal justice system! 

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