Vinny's journey

Vinny's journey

From Collette Voeller

My furry son, he has been misdiagnosed as an allergic reaction twice, our now amazing vet turned us over to a specialist and it is now to the point of getting and MRI and surgery. Anything will help.

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My furry baby Vinny is in needs of financial help, my husband and I hate doing this but we can't cover all of the funds. Vinny has been to 7 vet visits, his first two he was misdiagnosed and did not receive the correct care from the 2 different vets we saw, they both treated him for an allergic reaction and we went and gave our baby the medicine and benedryl, we waited for another week for the meds to kick in and nothing. So we took him to a new vet who was amazing and really did everything she could, he had an abscess in his cheek which is why benedryl didn't work. So the new vet gave him some stronger antibiotics, placed a drain tube and sent us home to be back in a couple of days or so to get the tube out, the vet removed the tube and it was looking okay, the vet stitched the opening and we still have those stitches in. His eyes started getting goopy almost like pink eye but because he is a dog he would scratch at them and make them worse, he was kept in the cone all day and night unless we cleaned it.  He then was taken to the ER because his eyes started bleeding and completely swelled shut. The vet said it may have been a foxtail but there was no indication on where it was besides in his cheek they cleaned that all out when they placed the tube. At that point we were reffered to a speacialist who is looking into his swelling lymphnodes around his face and why the other side of his cheek is swelling. We need answers but the anserws cost money, I can't have kids so he is as close as I will get in a long time. My husband and I need him to get better, we miss our baby who wanted to play ball 24/7, who begged for cuddles at night and like to be a tough guy outside. Please help us get our baby back. 

Thank you,

Collette, Derek and Vinny

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