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This page was created and will be maintained by Emma's extended family as a way to support both Emma and her parents through this difficult time. We will continue to help give updates on her progress and thank everyone for all their kind thoughts, prayers, well wishes, and wonderful gestures.

It's no understatement when we say that Emma is the strongest little girl of all. For an 8-year-old child, she has faced and conquered more battles than your average adult can claim they've had. Now this latest one, one that she herself called, "Emma's Challenge" is the biggest and scariest one that she must face head on. Please give all your love and support to help her win the battle with the monster they call Medulloblastoma and let her know that she does not and will not have to fight alone.

Medulloblastoma is a highly malignant brain tumor that primarily targets young children. Emma was diagnosed right after she had lost all eyesight in her left eye and underwent an 8 hour long surgery for the tumor that unfortunately could not be completely removed. She has recently been put into the high risk group, and next must undergo radiation, followed by chemotherapy. It is our hope that these procedures will ultimately cure her of this disease and she can continue living a happy and healthy life doing what she does best: being a kid.

Go Team Emma!

UPDATE- 4/13/13

Hello Team Emma, Thank you so much for your continued support and love for our dear little girl. I would like to share with you all, some updates on Emma's progress:

- Because of the treatments, Emma's hair had started to fall out rapidly. Her parents thought it would be best to shave her head since some had gotten into her right eye. Considering she can only see out that eye, protecting it was a priority. To make Emma feel less saddened with her hair loss, her mother has also donated her own hair, her father and grandfather have also shaved their heads.

- A decision was made to have Emma treated as high risk. This means that she will have the highest chance of beating the cancer, but will also mean she will have the highest risk of neurocognitive damage. It was an extremely tough decision by her parents, but in the end it came down to "regretting that we did not do everything we could to save her vs regretting that she will struggle in life."

- Emma has began her 4th week of radiation this Monday. She will have 6 weeks of radiation in total. We are grateful that half way through, her complications have been minimal. There has been small bumps here and there but nothing major. Radiation is cumulative so we are afraid the coming weeks will be the hardest yet. Please continue to pray that Emma will make it through the remaining weeks without any complications.

- She will finish radiation on May 3rd. She will have a month off and start chemotherapy on June 3rd. She will be inpatient for 3 days when they give her 3 type of chemotherapy. After the 3rd day they will check her hematology. As long as things look good she will be discharged.

A message from Emma's parents: " We are very grateful that:

1. Emma is still here with us and is in good spirit/energy.

2. Emma got to see her friends at school for 30 minutes.

3. Emma was well enough to go to her piano lesson and did ok.

4. Emma got to see the Big Apple Circus (thanks to the generosity of Mass General hospital). It was a good opportunity for Emma to meet other cancer patients.

5. We are grateful for all the help that we have received. Most days, we struggle to get out of bed. Without the help, I am unsure where we would be.

6. We are grateful for all the wonderful family and friends that we have."

Thank you so much, Team Emma, for all the love and support you all have given us. Please continue to have Emma in your thoughts and prayers. We all await the day when she will be our happy and healthy little girl again!

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