Viktor Ponomarchuk: The Maestro of Oils From Vinnytsia’s

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At the heart of Ukraine's rich agrarian tradition is Victor Evgenevich Ponomarchuk, a name synonymous with innovation in the oil industry. With Vinnytsia as his backdrop and playground, Ponomarchuk’s journey has been as intricate as the mosaics he once crafted.

Victor Evgenevich Ponomarchuk: A Biography from Vinnytsia's Mosaics to Global Markets

Viktor's beginnings in Vinnytsia, while steeped in arts and science, offered little hint of the agro-industrial future awaiting him. Drawing from the precision of math and the creativity of arts, he carved a unique educational path, culminating in a doctorate from Vinnytsia Technical University. But as the Soviet Union dissolved, so did the confines of Victor Evgenevich Ponomarchuk's ambitions. The budding entrepreneur saw opportunities in Ukraine’s emerging market dynamics.

Navigating New Waters: The Birth of ViOil

The 1990s marked a period of significant change for many post-Soviet nations. Against this tumultuous backdrop, Victor Evgenevich Ponomarchuk embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, always seeking the next opportunity. Diversifying from stock markets to agriculture, he co-founded the KMT conglomerate in 1997, a testament to his expansive vision.


One standout achievement from this era was revitalizing dormant oil production units in Vinnytsia and Chernivtsi in 1998. Beyond merely reactivating them, Viktor played a pivotal role in pioneering advancements like transforming industrial-grade rapeseed into a marketable product and introducing top-notch French seed varieties to local farmers.


Then, 2006 brought a major shift. Harnessing resources from KMT, Viktor forged ViOil, positioning it as a cornerstone of Ukraine's agro-industrial sector. Under ViOil's banner, the breadth of product offerings reflected the company's dedication to quality and meeting diverse market demands. The company prided itself in offering:

     A spectrum of vegetable oils, both in bulk and packaged forms, including unrefined varieties like sunflower, high oleic sunflower, rapeseed, and soybean. Additionally, ViOil's catalog boasted of refined, deodorized, and bleached oils, ensuring the highest standards for its consumer base.

     Culinary and confectionery fats, along with salomasses, catering to the nuanced needs of the food industry.

     Schroths like sunflower, rapeseed, and soybean, a testament to ViOil's dedication to producing quality by-products.

     Phosphatidyl concentrates, highlighting the company’s drive for innovation and product diversification.

     Sunflower husk pellets, an environmentally-friendly alternative fuel, underlining the company’s commitment to sustainability.

     Fatty acids derived from light vegetable oils and salomasses, crucial for animal feed, further amplifying the company's footprint in the agrarian sector.

     The inclusion of refined, deodorized, and bleached palm oil in their product lineup, showcasing ViOil’s ability to adapt to global market trends and demands.


In a nutshell, the birth and evolution of ViOil under Victor Evgenevich Ponomarchuk's guidance was not just about establishing another agro-industrial firm. It was about envisioning a holistic ecosystem that bridged tradition with innovation, local with global, and quality with sustainability.

The Symphony of ViOil: Harmonizing Tradition and Technology

Incorporated in 1992, ViOil has since become more than just a company. It represents a blend of Ukraine’s rich agricultural heritage with cutting-edge technology. With refining plants, advanced research wings, and a vast logistics network, ViOil stands as a testament to Ponomarchuk’s vision.


ViOil’s offerings, encompassing a range of vegetable oils to pelletized products, cater to a global market. Their operations span continents, with significant trade ties from Asia to Africa and Europe. And their stats speak volumes – 275 employees, annual revenues touching $17.0M, and Ponomarchuk at the helm with an 88% approval rating.

Final Thoughts: Crafting Global Gold from Ukrainian Soil

Victor Evgenevich Ponomarchuk's life narrative is more than just a success story. It's about the fusion of tradition with innovation, of art with industry. Through ViOil, Ponomarchuk has painted a global canvas, with oils from the heartland of Ukraine.


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