Vigilante For Justice Military Group

Vigilante For Justice Military Group

From Lou Ramirez

Welcome To Vigilante For Justice Military Group. To Date, We Have Helped Bounty Hunters And Law Enforcement Apprehend 17,302 Fugitives And Counting!

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URGENT REQUEST! © Vigilante For Justice Military Group Is STILL On The Ground In Afghanistan, With Our Privately Funded Operation Helping With The Remaining Evacuation Process. Please Help Us Get Our Citizens And Allies Out With Your Donation Now!


Vigilante For Justice Military Group is at the front lines of law and order, wherever we are needed across the United States -- and the world as Federal Contractors. We are a conservative right wing group of ex-Marine vets who formed this organization to assist law enforcement (Especially These Days With The "Defund The Police" Movement) in the Apprehension of fugitives, as well as in the restoration of law and order caused by rioters -- anarchists -- looters -- shop_lifters -- muggers -- home invaders and arsonists. Unlike regular law enforcement and some bounty hunters, we are not limited in how we go about achieving our objective -- since vigilantism is not recognized as a "legal" form of enforcing justice.

In addition to the above mentioned we are also a PRO Blue Lives Matter and Thin Blue Line human rights countermovement, to the lawless animals from Black Lives Matter -- advocating that those who are convicted of killing law enforcement officers should be prosecuted under hate crime statutes! Before you play the bullshit "race card" with us, you should know that 50% of our vigilante members are black -- and any one of our members would give their lives to protect a member brother regardless of race!

Having been ex-Military our motto has always been and will always be America First Always! We fought for this country for A Freer, Stronger Law-&-Order America! We are aware that unless you are a moderate Democrat (Who Still Loves Our Country), you will not support our cause and that's okay -- because we are more interested in hearing from supporters who still love this country and believe in the good ole values of Kneeling For God and Standing For Our Flag.

Let me also set the record straight, contrary to the reputation and erroneos myths about vigilantism we Don't go around shooting up a storm! We (Like Most Law Enforcement Agents) try to resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner at first, however, unlike your local police (Who Have Their Hands Tied) by bullshit regulations imposed on them by corrupt Mayors -- Governors -- District Attorneys and other Government officials; when the time to use "kick ass" tactics arrives to achieve our goal we are free to "ramrod" the shit out of the opposition!

Unless you've either been living under a rock, or are a sympathizer of the animals from Black Lives Matter -- Antifa -- and/or the EXTREME Leftist ASSHOLES in our country; which are looking to destroy our GLORIOUS Nation and turn it into another Communist SHIT-HOLE! 

You (Like Everyone Else) are aware of the lawlessness and "indoctrination" our country is undergoing in Schools, Main Stream Media, Social Media and several of our Cities and States with no end in sight. Which begs the question, are you willing to continue living in fear over what you say -- and looking over your shoulder each and every time you go out with your family?

Or, have you (Like Most People) had enough and would like to restore law and order like the good ole days? If you answered the latter, we need citizens like you to help us reach our goal of $150,500 USD -- so that we at Vigilante For Justice Military Group can open additional chapters across our great nation.

No matter the amount, every gift will get us closer to our goal which means that the more we raise -- the more chapters we can open nationwide to discourage these animals and fucking idiots from coming into businesses (To Shoplift) as well as instill fear in our most vulnerable citizens.

Please note, while we're at it we are calling on those law abiding citizens who are already licensed to carry firearms -- to become members of a chapter in your area. If we are not in your area yet, we strongly encourage you to please make a (Tax Deductible) donation to our cause -- so that we can have the funds needed to open chapters nationwide so we can be in your area as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Vigilante For Justice Military Group.

P.S. Whether you become a member of one of our chapters, or you are just looking for a firearm to protect your home and family -- we invite you to visit our friends at Impact Guns: where you can browse their wide selection of affordable weapons.

*Vigilante For Justice Military Group® Foundation is an anonymously registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible in full or in part.

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