Vietnam War Vet Funeral costs

Vietnam War Vet Funeral costs

From David Gonzales

Our father was a US Army Veteran of the Vietnam war era. He passed away on January 5th 2021 due to complications of a UTI and Covid19 at the Audie L. Murphy VA hospital.

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My dad has always been my person to go to if I ever needed something.He molded me and my sister & brothers into the people that we are today. My father was a US Army Veteran of the Vietnam war era who was always open to helping others. He worked hard his entire life to provide for his family. He raised my brothers and I to be hard workers and to never turn a blind eye to someone who was in need. Never ask for anything in return for showing kindness to someone.In April of 2019 after having severe left leg pain after completing physical therapy in March he was hospitalized for catheter surgery to clear a blocked artery in his left leg during the month of April 2019 he had 3 surgeries total for his left leg which included a bypass to restore blood flow to his left leg.  An unfortunate side effect was dad was fitted with a foley catheter and urine bag for the rest of his days. He was sent to rehab at Encompass Rehabilitation hospital for 3 weeks. Everything seemed fine and his homehealthcare with Encompass gave him a review with flying colors.On March 16th 2020 I took him to his VA Dr. appointment with vascular services he was then hospitalized for surgery the following day for severe left leg pain.  As you may recallthat was the day we went into lockdown because of Covid19. The surgery to clear a blockage in his left leg was unsuccessful a catheter probe they attempted to bypass his blockedartery with a vein from his right leg the surgery was unsuccessful again by Friday March 20, 2020 he was being prepped to have his left leg amputated above the knee.On December 1st 2020 he was told by Encompass home health that he was positive for a UTI and required antibiotics from his primary care physician. on December 7th an appointment with the VA Urology dept. were not concerned with the diagnosis of a UTI we were told it is very common with catheters so nothing was given for the infection.  On December 15th 2020 we rushed my dad to the Audie Murphy VA Medical Center ER in severe pain.After waiting several hours we were informed he tested positive for a UTI and Covid19 his symptoms were not severe enough to warrant hospitalization so he was sent home and told to quarantine for 20 days during that time his pain worsened and his body was very cold to the touch.On January 4th my father, Robert Gonzales went into the VA ER hospital in tremendous pain and difficulty breathing he was admitted to Audie Murphy Veterans Hospital intubated and put a respiratorThe hospital also began a dialysis treatment but told us his body was too weak and he would not survive a 4hr. treatment so they opted to give him a 24 hr treatment as to not weaken his heart more.On January 5th at 7:15pm CST the Dr called and said dad's heart was too weak to survive the night and that the dialysis treatment was not working to clear his blood from the acidity buildup during the call dad went into cardiac arrest and the doctor said they would sustain his life with shocks to his heart but the chances of him recovering were extremely slim. 8:22pm he was called home by our Lord who welcomed him with open arms. As this was unexpected we are asking for help to give him the funeral he deserves.All donations will go towards his funeral. Thank you and God bless. 

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