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The Australian video game industry has been rising over the past decades after the episode that brought chaos to the industry. 

Games found in the Australian online casinos, Hacknet, satellite reign, and Florence have done wonderfully well in their class. But these developments did not just begin but are way back. Let's look into them a bit.

The Hobbit

Surprisingly, the Hobbit was developed in Australia. These adventures were a popular genre in the '80s. The brave Australian team that Developed it not only had a massive hit but was also appreciated by a programming genius who claimed that the Hobbit had the most difficult text prompts that any text adventure had at that time.

Hollow knight

This game is one of the best Metroidvania 2D platforms over the last few years and can be said to be the best game to come out of South Australia. Hollow knight is a world-class game. Its team, Cherry, has made a massive success out of it, and it is going to get better with its sequel, silksong.

Marble madness

Mark Cerny, the developer of this game, is known not just for his game on hardware but also for his accomplishments as the chief architect of Sony consoles. Marble Madness was the first game Cerny made. The game was brought worldwide from the UK to Australia on a ZX spectrum because of the Melbourne house. The Melbourne house, also called beam software, was one of the pioneering studios in Australia.

Puzzle Quest; Challenge of the warlords

Although it has been adapted in different forms, the original puzzle quest is still the best version. The game was developed by infinite interactive in Melbourne's St. Kilda is also the same studio that developed warlord's battle cry 3 and warlords 4.


The way the game tricks the mind and eyes is one of its best aspects. Australian independent game Antichamber was among the first to experience significant popularity on Steam. Fortunately, it was an Ultimate Tournament mod that was also a solo game. Hazard: The Journey of Life was the original name of Antichamber when it was first constructed.

Dark Reign

This game is sci-fi that often gets mentioned with or compared to Total Annihilation. Due to its graphics at that time, it suffered a little, but Dark Reign was too clever a game then. Dark Reign is one of the best strategy games ever made. It is world-class and Australian.

Golf Story 

Golf story game remains one of the best indies that can be played on the switch. It also is from Queensland. Golf Story is not only brain-tasking but also funny.

Fruit Ninja 

The game has hit billions of devices from the beginning and has a show called “YouTube Red original”. Although the game show is a bit weird, it reveals how massive the game's success was. After candy crush, fruit ninja was that game that made everyone who plays the game experience the power of the Apple’s iPhone and its touch control feature.


These are some fun, wonderful and perfectly developed hits to celebrate from Australia. So, it is asked; what are your best Australian-developed video games of all time?

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