Viable Third Party Campaigns

Viable Third Party Campaigns

From Philip Shropshire

I'm raising money for a cause I care about, but I need your help to reach my goal! Please become a supporter to follow my progress and share with your friends.

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My name is Philip Shropshire. I started a 527 called the Greater Good Coalition. The Greater Good Coalition can do many many good things but one of its goals is to create viable third party campaigns. The goal isn't to destroy the Democratic Party. Our goal is something I've articulated called the 5/25 plan, which would create a block of Bernie Sanders, or, quite frankly, people that will fight as hard for the New Deal as conservatives will fight for tax breaks for oil companies. More than likely this block, like Bernie Sanders, would work with the Democratic Party but could be independent of them, just like Bernie and they could actually sometimes say the truth which would be nice. It would make MSNBC more interesting certainly.The Impact(For working links on impact go here.)Well, the theory here is very simple. We believe that the two parties are hopelessly corrupt--with one brazen extreme openly fascist party (The GOP) vs. a more subtle corporate party (The Dems)--that essentially answer to the same sleazy corporate backers. This is why we got Mitt Romney's healthcare bill as opposed to something that could have worked like single payer. This from the so called "opposition party". Just for the record, and as someone who voted for Barack Obama, I feel that I've been betrayed on just about every issue of import. I wanted FDR, instead I got Hoover. I wanted an expansion of the Internet and net neutrality, instead I got possible felony convictions for streaming or cool things that the Internet can do. I wanted peace, instead...well, you get the picture. Money has essentially brought (bought) us two republican parties. The president isn't stupid. He's bought off by the same people who bought the republicans. He might have even thrown the last election cycle in order to give the GOP overwhelming control of redistricting for the next 10 years. He may have wanted a republican house. Why would a democrat want that? Answer: He would want that if he was funded by GOP money. Unconsciously or more likely very consciously this proves the Washington Generals theory of the Democratic Party.The only way to change that is to get people who aren't a part of the duopoly and are effective hard negotiators--unlike the president--into the halls of power. The party that came closest to doing that during the last election cycle was the Green Party. The Green Party got 60 members on the congressional ballot to contest house races and there were several senate races where they had an opportunity such as Arkansas and South Carolina. The Democratic Party couldn't even claim those seats would be spoiled because their nominees had no chance whatsoever. Remember Alvin Green?The problem with the Greens is not only do they not have any money but they don't have the sense to ask for the money you need to contest and win campaigns. The truth of the matter is that you might be able to do that with small donations. You need 250000 (minimum) grand to contest and win a house seat. You need 2 million dollars (minimum) to contest a senate seat in a mid sized state. Cheri Honkala, who is running for sheriff of Philadelphia, could probably win with 300000 grand and give a good fight with 100 grand. She probably won't win if the national greens give her no money and she manages to only raise about 30000 dollars. We know that viable amounts are very real and possible from what Bold Progressives and other liberal groups have done in Wisconsin. What We Need & What You GetWe're looking for an initial 45000 in seed money so that we can try out our theories on smaller races, where third parties also attempt to compete and even a congressional or citywide race. I have a theory that you could compete in a city or congressional race with a full time field canvass for less than 35000 dollars. This would be a a good test case here: All of that would go to salaries, door-knocking, flyers and inexpensive color and laser printers. Plus one vehicle.One thing to keep in mind: we organized as a 527 so that we can take unlimited amounts of money. In other words one person can give us 45000 dollars and its perfectly legal. You could even be foreign. But a thousand small donations can work as well and we could use any money that we raise, either for smaller campaign races or infrastructure such as an office or a working vehicle.We're the only game in town when it comes to creating viable third party campaigns. You might ask why not give directly to Green Party candidates? Good question. So far, Ian Murphy is polling at 2 percent which means that he hasn't run a competent race or more than likely he hasn't raised enough money to win or even be a competent spoiler. The Greens, also, have not been very honest about asking for the kinds of donations you need to actually compete in congressional races.Other Ways You Can HelpGet out the word! You can also visit the Greater Good Blog for a better sense of our politics.

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