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From Erik Alonzo Lynch

Need assistance in obtaining an older pickup truck. Thanks

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  My name is Erik Lynch. US Army Retired SFC and Disabled 49 yrs Old.  I am a struggling Veteran that is in dire need of assistance. I’m writing you to ask if you may possibly know of anyone that could assist me. I’m not really asking for a handout. I really want to work and earn my keep. But I am in this Grey area with both the State and Federal Government.  

  I suffer severe Depression and Anxiety. I do receive Military retirement and some Disability from the VA. My issue is the Child Support that I pay. I do not understand why I pay so much for 1 child but I pay 997 a month which reduces my retirement check to around 600. I do not mind paying the support at all I do want my son taken care of. But both state and federal laws do not allow any organizations to deduct what I pay as income. Therefore I am above poverty in Gross but in Net I am below. Therefore no organization can give me any assistance of any kind.

 I find so much difficultly in obtaining employment without reliable transportation and I can not get the credit nor afford to even get a cheap Truck off of craigslist for 2 or 50000. I would like to get a truck so I could help out at my church maybe haul things or help people move etc. I was also denied employment through the VA hospital due to transportation.  They told me that they do not consider public transportation as reliable transportation therefore they will not even give me employment even in house keeping. 

  Unemployment is killing me emotionally the lack of purpose etc. After 21 yrs of military service I truly need purpose in my life. Otherwise the bad thoughts keep creeping up if you know what I mean. 

  I was just wondering if you know of anything or anyone that maybe could help me obtain a vehicle and employment.  I also believe if I can get over these obstacles it would severely help my depression, Anxiety and self esteem.  Thank you for your time. 

Erik A. Lynch 

Lakeworth Florida 33467

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